“Thank you for being the Guardian of this amazing land called Grail Springs and for creating such beauty. You make the whole Mother Earth more beautiful.” ~ Vera Lopez, Sedona, AZ

pristine environment

Located in Bancroft, Ontario, centred in the beautiful Canadian Shield
Feng Shui Certified

Grail Springs opened its doors in 1993, a privately owned retreat sanctuary designed by its founder Madeleine Marentette. Located in Bancroft, the Mineral Capital of Canada, the property is close enough for an easy drive from Toronto International Airport, yet far enough to feel you have escaped to another world. With hundreds of acres of pristine forest, walking trails, crystal outcrop, abundant wildlife, meditation gardens and a curative spring-fed lake, individuals are inspired by the stunning natural beauty and are recharged by the potent healing enviroment that supports them. Grail Springs is dedicated to the protection of the environment, for people, animals and the planet.

Vital Spring-Fed Lake

Fed by hundreds of vigorous springs, the lake is alkaline based which makes it extremely beneficial for detoxifying and purifying the body. Magnetically charged by the ancient granite bedrocks below, these vital ‘alive’ waters are then naturally filtered, kept in its purest form, with no chemicals added. Guests bathe, drink and swim in one of the last remaining purest water sources in the world.

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Crystal Country - Geomancy Project, Mineral Capital of Canada

Planet Earth, much like our human body, has a complex subtle energy field; Geomancy is the Ancient applied science of balancing subtle energy fields within architecture and the landscape. Grail Springs sits in the Canadian Rockshield, the oldest exposed rock on the planet. Rich in massive deposits of quartz crystal, retreat guests can hike to the property's own crystal crop meditation area.

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Meditation Labyrinth

Our sacred labyrinth is designed after the Chartres Cathedral labyrinth in France built in 1201. Some interpretations surrounding the labyrinth is that it represents the solar system, the chakra system or it is a symbol of the soul. In October 2012, we were honored with a visit from Venerable Sonam Rinpoche who cleansed and blessed the land in the centre of the labyrinth with a traditional Buddhist ceremony. People around the world use the labyrinth as a tool for contemplation and healing.

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Horses & Wildlife

Our family of horses add a special presence here at Grail Springs. Known for their therapeutic effect on the human condition, our gentle beauties have been known to assist and heal many of our guests through simple encounters out at the paddock, or by attending one of our Horse Meditation circles available May to November. Living in harmony with nature, the property is home to deer, loons, geese, blue herons, fox, hare, pheasants and the occasional moose just to name a few.

 Trail of Dreams

Originally used for logging and hunting, Grail Springs transformed one-hundred plus acres into a well-groomed trail system where animals and people can flourish together in harmony. Each Monday and Saturday morning retreat guests can join an informative guided nature walk through the forest or take a self-guided hike using a map provided and well-marked trails.