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Life Transformation ~ Includes Treatments

Restorative, Healing Spa Therapies Included

A Transformative Life Experience

Immerse yourself in a powerful, natural restorative process and breathe new life into your total wellbeing; body, mind and Spirit. If you've been facing health challenges, emotional upsets, career burnout, are mentally fatigued or frustrated, our retreat centre serves to delivers a compilation of the complete Grail Springs holistic lifestyle philosophy. Your experience will include daily yoga and meditation, guided hikes, restorative spa therapies, inspirational evening speakers, delcious healthy menu designed specifically around the plant-based diet. Learn, grow and press reset!

How to know if this package is for you? Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • general feeling of frustration, not sure where to begin
  • exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, depleted core energy
  • lack passion, lost zest and adventure for life
  • feeling disconnected from people, uncertain about future
  • emotional, deep sense of sadness or grief, sleep problems
  • general poor health, chronic aches and pains, weight gain
  • inability to effectively deal with people and/or transform stress

What are the results?

Balanced, healed and transformed. A journey on this program secures confidence to make healthy choices, to take a new direction in life, and succeed. Feel lighter, rested and empowered. Gain practical tools and experiences that lay the groundwork for a solid path to follow. With a positive outlook in hand, you will arrive home with a great sense of wellbeing, freedom, energy, excitement and positive outlook on  life.  Read Testimonials