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Cleanse & Energize Retreat + Spa Package

Detoxifying & Energizing Spa Therapies Included

Cleanse, Energize, and Learn how to Ensure Vitality and Longevity

This program delivers a gentle detox cleanse followed by an energy boost, reconnects you to the healing powers of natural remedies, and gives you a fresh perspective on the holistic approach to wellness; body, mind and Spirit. Learn about and enjoy how your body feels after a few days of eating a plant-based diet which will help to reduce pain and inflammation, and boost your immune system! Keep yourself vital, strong, happy and connected to life and see why guests return over and over again to keep their health and wellbeing on track at Grail Springs.
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How to know if this health rejuvenation program is for you?

  • Want to renew your energy and boost vitality
  • Wish to sleep better, manage stress better, regain your focus
  • Conquer digestive issues, cravings, weight gain
  • Be free from chronic headaches, joint inflammation, muscle aches and pain
  • Overcome emotional issues, sadness, irritability
  • Regain your connection, zest and passion for life