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  1. Aromatherapy Velvet Skin Pumice - skin renewal, deep hydration, mood lift

    45 min $125

    Breathe deeply and relax into this aromatherapy exfoliating treatment which promotes velvety renewed skin.  With the comfort of warmed body pads, special blends of essential oils and hydrating lotions, the health benefits of this experience can include reduced anxiety, support positive moods, boost energy, increased circulation and strengthen the immune system.  Your skin will greatly benefit with the gentle fluffing-off of dead skin cells, leaving the surface hydrated and renewed from the application of our velvet creamy pumice with natural essential oils and lotions.

  2. Eucalyptus Oil & Sea Salt Scrub - lymphatic support, stimulate circulation, skin renewal

    45 min $130

    A traditional aromatic spa exerience and practice originating from France to prepare our skin and to activate the lymphatic system. Helps to open the pores, stimulate blood circulation and support the immune system. This treatment begins with a warmed eucalyptus oil and sea salt mixture to gently stimulate and exfoliate the entire body right down to your heels. Follow this exfoliation process with a warm shower rinse. Then absorb the benefits of a 100% natural chamomile and lavender lotion massage to improve skins moisture, softness and toning. Your therapist will use other special healing balms to reduce muscle tension and inflammation. 

  3. Sea Kelp Salt Scrub – thyroid support, deep hydration, nutrient-rich

    45 min $125

    A gentle exfoliating salt scrub with wild organic seaw kelp promotes removal of dead skin cells, impurities, toxins, improves circulation and leaves the body nutrient replenished. This essential cleansing therapy breathes new life into our skin. Following a warm shower you will enjoy a light effleurage massage with skin firming seaweed lotion. Your skin will feel soft, young and hydrated. (refrain from shaving 24 hrs prior to treatment)

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