equine therapy meditation circle

"ALL sentient beings feel and express equally. ALL are enlivened by the same divine source and life-force. When two beings meet in the state-of-grace and calm, there is a soul-energy-exchange, creating the potential to balance, heal and uplift. The destiny of the animal-human relationship is to assist each other's evolution as spiritual beings."  ~ Madeleine Marentette

40 min $75 pp  May to October

Wednesday & Saturday ~ 11:30am 

Join a unique meditation circle with horses and facilitators, a global movement bringing horses and humans together in peace, harmony and healing. 

  • Weather permitting. 24 hr advance registration required.
  • Min 2 persons, max 8 persons.
  • Dress appropriately, no sandals. Hiking or running shoe required.
  • Participant agrees to sign liability waiver and follow facilitators guidance and safety rules.


 Meet our Horse Whisperer and our special family of Rocky Mountain Horses from Kentucky 

Richard Capener

Having lived with, studied and trained horses since 1983 and with his own herd of eight Rocky Mountain Horses, Richard thanks his mentors John Lyons, Monty Roberts and his first horse "Dusty" for their invaluable insights and enduring lessons. Guests rave about their special time on the beautiful trails, and Richard for his insightful conversations around the special relationship between human and horse.


Sweet Gracie. Little horse, big spirit. Gracie is of the most gentle heart, always willing to give the most attention to our guests, a connections that transforms, and never to be forgotten.


Saint Pete

The Rock. Leader of the pack, protector of his domain,  affectionately called 'SB' by Richard, short for 'Salad Bar'. Because he believes all foilage is there for his endless eating pleasure.

Choco Doc

Son of Magnum, International Champion. Choco Doc was showcased at the the Royal Winter Faire in 2002, responsible for the Rocky Mountains winning horse of the year.


Beautiful palamino and the leader of the pack, Natasha is a picture of beauty with a gait of grace. This photo was taken at the abandoned marble quarry at the top of the Grail Springs property.

Maggie May - in memory

Ours since she was a foal, Maggie passed away in November 2016. She stole our heart and we will always remember her fiery spirit and the joy she brought to so many of our visitors.




“Some of my earliest and fondest childhood memories involve a kitchen chair that I would ride sitting backwards with shoe laces as reins. That trusty steed and I would ride for countless miles soaring over open meadows and rocky ledges in perfect harmony. I am truly blessed to have been able to bring those early imaginings to my daily reality here at Grail Springs. My teachers have four legs, eyes that contain galaxies, hearts willing to connect and fill and spirits that can match a little boys dreams. I look forward to sharing the Grail herd and their teachings with everyone.” ~ Richard Capener

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The Equine Experience is open to visitors to Grail, based on availability. 8 seats are available each Wednesday and Saturday during summer and early fall. Reserved Seats must be paid for to confirm the booking. May to October.