Geomantic Project

Amongst the Stones - Grail Springs Commitment to Earth Stewardship 

Geomantics is the applied science of Geomancy;
the study of Earth energy, combined with Ecomancy; the study of Ecology.

Geomantics is a unified code of science based on geometry within the mineral kingdom and ecological observation; a method of balancing the subtle energy field of an environment by attuning into the earth’s patterns of psychic and geological contours.

The science of geomancy regulates the vital chi and geomagnetism of the potent Grail landscape including interiors, exteriors and its surrounding forest and trails. Grail Springs is located on the Canadian Shield, the oldest exposed rock on the planet, over 1.3 billion years old. The property sits on massive, rich deposits of quartz and other magnetically potent rocks located in Bancroft, the Mineral Capital of Canada.

Over the past few years we have established equilibrium on the already potent healing property by the specific placement of transducers, special minerals and selected stones. A painting project commenced in 2012 using magnetically-grounding minerals mixed into non-toxic paint to enhance the therapy rooms and accommodations at Grail Springs.

"The Grail Geomancy Project enhances Nature’s natural pulse to the property. It encourages normal cellular activity, nourishment and induces further comfort within the environment by harmonic resonance - thus taking the air, water and soil quality to the highest level of its innate potential."  - Alan Reed, Geomancer