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Morning classes are complimentary with retreat packages


Sample Yoga Classes

Yoga is a system and practice that develops well being and happiness, enhances body awareness and helps with stress relief and prevents illness. Here is a sample of the variety of yoga classes you may learn about and experience at Grail Springs. Read more about health benefits by clicking here.

Stepping on to the Yoga Path

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means "to yoke or unite" all aspects of our being. It originated in India 5,000 years ago and was codified by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras (a collection of philosophies and spiritual teachings known as the 8 Limbs of Yoga). Hatha yoga means sun/moon and focus on opposites like, yin/yang,  stretch and strength, forward and backward bends, in breath and out breath. Includes a brief discussion on the six basic elements of yoga: posture, breath, relaxation, meditation, diet and a life of right action 

Yin Yoga 

When we think of detox, we often only think of the physical body.  The detox we are speaking of in this yin class is not only physical yet also the emotions and mind utilizing relaxation and awareness in each posture.  The class progresses to a state of deeper mental quietude.

Hatha Yoga 

Meditation is the practice of simply observing reality as it is and allowing it to be as it is. It is learning to be completely awake in the present moment by calming the mind, and observing what is within.  We begin by observing and surrendering to the natural breath. The breath becomes the object of focus so that the mind can become still. Eventually we come into a state of quietude. We also observe sensations in the body without creating judgements or stories. Whether the sensations are pleasant or painful,  our job is to remain calm and equanimous. By allowing the breath and body to be as they are, we surrender to the moment. In turn, each moment as it is becomes our teacher. “What is”, is our natural state without an agenda and free from control and ego. The ultimate goal in meditation is to untie the energetic knots or conditioned patterns that cause us suffering and keep us from achieving our full potential. Ultimately, meditation can lead to deep states of peace, acceptance and the liberation of suffering. In the ancient traditions, meditation is part of the flowering of human consciousness. Samadhi or union with the source is the purpose of meditation, the purpose of all spiritual endeavors and all yogic traditions. Samadhi is not some "thing" to be acquired, but is rather a letting go of clinging to a sense of self.  It is clear insight into our true nature.

Silent Meditation Practice

Listening takes place not just through the ears, but with all the senses. Sometimes the best way to prepare ourselves to hear in a new and better way is to be still and silent. When we quiet our motor minds — and our motor mouths — we find that we are better able to open our hearts. The ancient practice of Noble Silence helps us begin the process of hearing in a new way; this is a timeless and wise practice that helps us be more sensitive and perceptive. Noble Silence traditionally begins with a vow to keep silent for a specific period of time. It can be an hour, a day, a week, or a month. "If you want to try a period of Noble Silence, remember that it is a rest for all of the senses. Turn off the radio, the phone, the television. Enjoy a fast from the news. Turn off the thoughts in your head. Stay quiet. Take refuge in the inner calm and peace of the quiet mind. Don't write, don't read, don't surf the Net. Keep still. Listen to the sounds around you. What do you hear? What do you see? Open your eyes, open your ears, open your heart. Think of the ancient Christian exercise. Be still. Listen to the inner voice, and know God. This is how we learn to cultivate higher levels of hearing, perception, and vision.

Strengthening Vinyassa Flow Yoga

Stregthening Vinyassa Flow is a continuous series of postures that will focus on breath and help facilitate inner and outer focus, physical strength and flexibility.

Relaxed Yoga

Get ready to melt into your mat, open your hips, open your heart and feel the weight being lifted off your weary shoulders. You’ve had a beautiful experience at one of the most transformational places on earth. Exhale the burdens of your life and inhale the new possibilities.  Turn off the brain chatter and turn on your senses.  See the beauty of the physical space.  Feel relaxation.  Speak your intention.  Hear your breath.  Your yoga session will include some important Grail tips to take home. Discover what you want to leave behind and think about what you want to welcome in to your life.   Our class is built around relaxing poses that are ideal for releasing tension and re-charging our vital energy.  The practice is followed by a brief meditation.  Good things happen when we cleanse, release and rebuild. 

Yin Yoga Flow

In this Yin yoga class, we focus on deepening flows to gently open the muscles and joints throughout the body.  The emphasis is also on breath work and mindfulness and how they relate to the physical body.