Thunder Wolf CEREMONIAL Teepee

Open May to October

A teepee is considered ‘a living, breathing space’ by indigenous peoples. It makes it possible for us to experience what nomadic culture life was like for the First Nations Plains people. It also allows us to connect with ceremony, ancestors, Mother Nature and our self, with the central fire pit representing ‘Self’, where all-knowing expands from within.

Thunder Wolf is a twenty-two foot teepee which was installed at Grail Springs on the Summer Solstice 2012 and blessed by a Golden Lake Elder.  'Thunder Wolf' was named after the Wolf family clan with ties to Mohawk and Haida nations. The wolf animal totem holds ‘teaching energy’ and we utilize this space for sacred ceremonies, teachings, talk circles and healing. At the very moment the poles were raised, an auspicious roll of thunder exploded in the sky hence how it got its name. Guests are welcome to use this space for contemplative meditation at their leisure.

Other interesting facts about the teepee:

  • Symbolizes the drum and medicine wheel from a birds-eye view, with four quadrants representing the four directions, four elements, four animals and four seasons.
  • The elevation view represents the lower world, middle world and upper world.
  • The poles each represent a teaching about human attributes; obedience, respect, humility, happiness, love, faith, kinship, cleanliness, thankfulness, sharing, strength, teaching, hope, protection. The control flaps teach us that we are connected and depend on each other for harmony and balance. The ropes represent sacred bonds.
  • Entrance faces True East – tradition asks to leave a space open in our circle in front of entrance – for ancestors to enter and take their place in the circle.
  • Thunder Wolf is a traditional ‘Blackfoot Ceremonial Teepee’ design.
  • Lower band represents Earth Element: with mountains and valleys
  • Sky band represents Air Element: with ravens (healing power bird) and the night above that, showing the moon cycles and constellations (big dipper and the Pleiades).
  • Haida Orca (non-traditional) represents Water Element.
  • Fire Element is represented inside represented within the central fire pit. Spirit. Us.

"The secret to restoring our planet back to balance lies within the heart of the individual who connects with their primary mother, Mother Earth. It is here we become One with all things sacred, find ourselves standing in Grace, and with a new ability, to harm nothing."
Madeleine Marentette