Lakeside Sanctuary for Sacred Wellbeing and Abundant Life
Bancroft, Ontario, Canada

Member of Healing Hotels of the World

Multiple award-winning Grail Springs Retreat for Wellbing has been dedicated to the wellbeing of people, animals and planet since 1993 by founder Madeleine Marentette. Our mission is to provide holistic experiences which teaches and integrates body, mind and Spirit, while bringing balance and knowledge to improve all aspects of our lives. We are a proud Canadian member of the unique Healing Hotels of the World who support the healing traveler seeking to break free from old patterns of life and allow new wisdom and better lifestyle choices to unfold.  TESTIMONIALS

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Healing Waters

Unique to Canada, our Chalice Lake, whose name was inspired by the legend of the Holy Grail, is fed by hundreds of vigorous springs bubbling up from the magnetically-charged rock bed. This continuous stream of vital water brings energy and life to all that we do here. Utilized in our cooking, drinking, therapies and bath waters, guests benefit from one of the few resources of pure, vital and alkaline-based waters in the world.

Healing Land

Located on one-hundred acres of forested trails, our awe-inspiring sanctuary invokes peace and reconnection. Rich in deposits of magnetite, marble, granite, sodalite and quartz crystal, these gems and minerals  create a potent environment for health and healing. Grail Springs special geomantic project, highlights the geology of theregion, an ancient tradition going back thousands of years. Grail Springs is located five minutes from the quaint town of Bancroft, Mineral Capital of Canada. Many guests speak to the energy the feel when they arrive, walk the grounds, or take a hike up to the beautiful crystal crop for meditation.