7 Keys to total Wellbeing

A Holistic Approach to Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

These seven keys are the pillars of the Grail Springs's philosophy and progams from our bestselling book. The integration of all aspects of self; body, mind, heart and Spirit, represent a holistic, non-clinical approach to wellbeing, a profound process to maintaining optimal health, longevity and happiness.

Key #1: Know where you are at to know where you are going.

Assess yourself often. It's important to connect to the physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual aspect of ourselves, and pay attention to those intuitive hits that tell us when something is off. Checking in several times a day can allow us to self-correct and get back to balance, supporting and maintaining harmony within and assuring longevity. This is conscious living.

Key #2: Wipe the slate clean.

Cleanse the body regularly by adopting a seasonal 5-day detox cleanse. Eliminate high acidic foods from your diet and move towards pH balanced meals (more greens). Add weekly detox baths, saunas, hit the gym and get moving. All of these will successfully purge the body of toxins, reduce pain caused by inflammation, assist with weight loss, strengthen the immune system and improve cellular function. 

Key #3: Nourish body, heart, mind and spirit. The four bodies of self are wholey connected.

Nourish Body, Heart, Mind & Spirit.  Nourish the body with healthy pH balanced food, supplements and alkaline water (add lemon). Once a week take a bath in seaweed salt, Himalyan salt, or Epsom salt. The skin will absorb the much needed minerals provided in these natural resources from the earth. Meditate regulary and always keep dreaming, learning and growing. 

Key #4: Breathe deeply and often.

Breath is at the centre of life itself. Prana, our 'life force', is what draws the breath in. To effectively alkalize the body and induce calm, it is important to take time to breathe deep in our day.

Key #5: Be fit, be strong.

Keep the energy pathways of the body charged. Start each day with  movement. Adopt the 6-minute Grail Mantra (see Youtube), yoga, daily walks. These sets our state-of-mind and mood for the day. Movement flushes toxins, pumps the lymphatics, helps us to stay flexible, strong and youthful. 

Key #6: Our soul is the vehicle for transformation, the mind is the tool that weilds it.

Reconnecting with your inner most being, your body, and with nature, is the starting point to discovering truth, passion, your love for life. The practice of daily mediation raises our awareness and develops our intuition. Connecting mind and heart as one is key to knowing oneself and what we value in life. Change is possible when we remain grounded in our beliefs. It gives us strength to move forward in our life.

Key #7: Back yourself completely.

Take steps to support yourself and the healthy choices you make. Enlist those around you who you love and who love you. Ask for their support as you engage in your transformation process. Ensure you surround yourself with people who add to your life, who inspire you, lift you up so you can continue to grow, learn and stay happy, healthy and wise.

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