plant-based diet


We prescribe to a healthy plant-based approach to diet. This food philosophy speaks to our chemistry and nourishment through maintaining a proper pH balance in our body. We are chemical beings. Our food choices, supplements and natural gifts from Mother Earth can assist tremendously to balance and heal the body.

Firstly, food is probably the one area where most people need to make the biggest change and maybe have the most resistance. We get that. And seeing the list of the more potentially toxic and acidic foods will probably surprise and maybe disappoint because they are in most North American's everyday diet, which is sometimes referred to as the SAD diet: Standard American Diet. SAD diet would consist of red meat, fast food, soda pop, refined sugar, baked goods, hydrogenated fats and coffee to name a few. Considered highly acidic, they create a pH imbalance and cause congestion in the colon, the leading cause of disease. Ailments begin with constipation, diarrhea and other bowel problems. Continued imbalance of the acid-alkaline state can eventuate health problems from inflammation, chronic fatigue, ulcers, back pain and the list goes on.

“After many years of presenting a balanced acid/alkaline meal plan at Grail Springs I am convinced it is THE missing link to weight management, healing, and maintaining high-level of wellness. It was this approach that was the final healing I needed to free me from my own debilitating illness.  It's simply the most important key to disease prevention and the whole world needs to know about it.” – Madeleine Marentette, founder

7.0 The Perfect Balance Explained

Your body is happiest in a pH balanced state of 7.0 (0.0 being most acidic and 14.0 being most alkaline).  An excess of acidity in a person’s body over a long period of time would show up as inflammation, stiffness, tissue degeneration, water retention, itchy skin and more.

It’s not that acid forming foods are bad; they just have to be balanced out with alkalizing foods when it comes to our food consumption.  We do need both because of the minerals they each provide. There are several interpretations and food charts out on the market.  The rule of thumb is to eat 75 to 80% alkalizing foods to 20 to 25% acidic.  In North America right now, it is the reverse of that! Most North Americans are eating 80% acidic foods and 20% alkaline foods. Obesity, heart failure, and cancer are all symptoms of unbalanced diet.

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