Your Emotional Compass for Love, Joy and Contentment 

Emotions are a powerful compass that help us consciously align with our highest and most fulfilling existence.  There are many ways our emotions communicate with us, moment by moment.  Emotions can be subtle or intense, embraced or rejected.  Take a moment to connect with your emotions.  How do you feel right now?  Do you know what this feeling is leading you towards or away from?

There are two basic categories of emotions: positive and negative.  We may also consider them to create either attraction or aversion.  Positive emotions can create beneficial chemical responses in the body and allow us to take action to pursue a goal or meet a need.  These feelings can inspire a sense of expectation of fulfillment.  Negative emotions can create a harmful physiological response in the body, create paralysis or avoidance, and can instill an expectation of failure or danger.  How can we tell the difference?  What emotions are useful?  All of them, if we know how to use them!

What we can consider positive emotions are the feelings of love, joy, contentment, peace, etc.  There is an expansion of our energy field, a connection to our intuition, a resounding ‘YES’ in the particles of our being in these states.  This is also called Resonance.  What does your ‘YES’ feel like to you?  Sometimes it is a gentle knowing, other times we may feel goosebumps, or our eyes may well up with tears.  Our body expresses these feelings to help get our attention, to help us navigate towards our Truth.

Negative or aversive emotions can be feelings of sadness, fear, anger, shame, guilt, etc.  These feelings also create a profound response in the body and energy field such as contraction and withdrawing from life.  What causes this feeling in you?  This reaction is a big clue that can help us move away from something we perceive as harmful and realign with what may better serve us.

Emotions indicate the quality of our thoughts.  If we have an expectation or belief that an experience is favourable, we may experience a pleasant emotional reaction.  If we expect rejection, failure, or other threats, we receive feedback from the emotional and physical body as a prompt or alarm to reassess our approach or beliefs.

Take some time out of your day today and interact with your emotions.  What is the need that is asking to be met?  What stories have you created around the possibility of your success?  Use your imagination to create a series of different outcomes and FEEL which one you prefer.  Is that outcome possible?  Can you give yourself permission to meet that need?  Are you capable or do you need to access support or resources to assist you?  The answers are all inside you, just take the time to listen and FEEL your Truth.