Weight Loss Tips

Weight gain, weight loss or any other health ailment occurs when something we are doing is out of balance. Choosing to make the right choice is a state of mind. This is hard to do when we are under stress so the first thing we recommend is to get connected with YOU. That means scheduling some quiet time for inner reflection.

Journaling is a great way to record your findings and set your goals. Once you are ready to commit, start adopting some of the following basic weight loss tips. Adopt one of these one at a time, for a couple of weeks until you are finding you are actually enjoying it. It takes time for the brain, the cells, the body to adjust. Then take on another, and then another. This is an intelligent approach to making a true and lasting lifestyle change.

Our Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

  1. Think Alkaline & Think Green! Eat a balanced alkaline/acid diet. 75~80% alkaline, 20~25% acidic (food list available in our best selling book) and always practice proper food combining.
  2. Cut out the '5 toxic whites': white sugar, white flour, white rice, white table salt, and dairy (goat milk products are fine in limited quantity)
  3. Absolutely eliminate red meat and soda pop altogether.
  4. Cut your coffee/caffeine intake to just one a day. Keep your evening glass of wine to just one a day and make it red.
  5. Supplement your diet ~ Enlist a reputable naturopathic doctor. Ask about taking regular mineral and enzyme supplements to help with body function. Add hemp seeds to your salads, one of the best mineral supplements you can take.  Oprah's Snack Tip ~ And we agree! Add blueberries to your grocery list. Leave a bowl of them on your desk and munch on them throughout the day. Best anti-oxidant!
  6. Take a weekly detox bath with seaweed, Himalayan salt crystals or moor mud from Austria. This simple task will also supply your body with some of the necessary minerals it needs and keep your metabolism on track and working for you. Shop for organic baths
  7. Ten before ten. No way around it. Ten minutes of cardio before 10am each day is key.
  8. No eating after 7pm.
  9. Go on a detox program at the first of each spring and autumn.
  10. Lastly, be kind ~ to yourself and to others. Don't stress unnecessarily. Your body stops functioning properly when you are stressed out. Breathe deep, think about your choices, and more than anything, believe each problem has a solution. Seek, believe and ye shall find!

Grail Springs follows all of these healthy weight loss tips within our programmming as a guideline for living a permanent healthy lifestyle.