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STRESS RECOVERY Collection ~ reg $370
Therapeutic-grade oils, lotions, balms and hydrotherapy are combined in this series to assist with thyroid support, healthy breath and lungs, and deep relaxation. Find relief from mental stress, tightness and poor circulation. These three sensory-stimulating aromatherapy treatments provide a powerful relaxation effect for stress recovery and support for your overall wellbeing.

  • Breathe Deeply Body Scrub   45 min $130
  • Healthy Hair Oil Treatment   30 min $90
  • Therapeutic Pain Relief Bath with Massage and Green Light Colour Therapy   55 min $150

ENERGY BALANCING Collection ~ reg $365   
Benefits: When you are just not feeling yourself, depleted or don’t know where to begin, this series is an excellent place to start. Surrender to our therapists who will choose a colour bath with essential oils specific to your needs. This, in combination with Crystal Light Therapy and a relaxing Aromatherapy Massage will be sure to balance the flow of your Chi Life-Force Energy.                          

  • Crystal Light Colour Therapy   30 min $90                                                                                                     
  • As Above So Below - Gemstone Mat with Chakra Balancing   40 min $125
  • Green Goddess Vitality Bath with Energy Work and Green Light Colour Therapy   55 min $150

SOUND HEALING Collection ~ reg $370
Benefits: Recommended for anyone who is feeling unsettled, anxious, or is coming out of a life-situation that was challenging to the mental and emotional self for any length of time. Using the healing powers of colour light therapy, essential oils, minerals, water therapy, and Reiki, you will feel the energy of stress drain from your body and mind, and the return of calm, good sleep, and peace of mind.       

  • Deep Peace Liquid Sound Healing   50 min $145                                                                   
  • VibroAcoustics Session with Salt Inhalation Therapy   40 min $135
  • Deep Peace Liquid Sound Healing   30 min $90


DETOX CLEANSE Collection ~ reg $400
Benefits: This series of treatments stimulates the lymphatic system, flushes out built-up toxins and reduces inflammation that may be causing chronic bloating, joint or back pain. Will calm irritated skin conditions. Feel re-energized, lighter on your feet, and be happy knowing you have made a fresh start towards a new and healthier lifestyle.                                                                                             

  • Detox Foot Bath with Oxygen Inhalation Therapy   30 min $115 
  • VibroAcoustics Session with Salt Inhalation Therapy   40 min $135              
  • Detoxifying Clay Mask with Therapeutic Steam Tent & Massage   50 min $150

IMMUNE FORTIFYING Collection  ~ reg $410   
Benefits: Hydrotherapy has long been used as a method that combines the physical properties of water, temperature and movement to stimulate the blood circulation and treat symptoms. Our immune boosting bath combines the above, with therapeutic salts and essential oils to strengthen and promote a healthy immune system. Also a very effective treatment for fighting off colds and flus. This, along with the deep healing from the copper coils of the magnetic field therapy, will fortify and strengthen the physical body and the bio-energy shield.

  • Healing Mat Session   30 min $90
  • Footwork & Crown Therapy   65 min $155
  • Immune Fortifying Clay Mask with Therapeutic Vichy Shower & Energy Work   60 min $165

Grail Springs hand-crafted therapeutic lotions, balms and oils, hydrotherapy, and Tesla healing coil technology are combined in this series to assist with deep tissue and cellular healing. Find relief from arthritis, joint and muscular pain, stiffness and poor circulation. The three treatments combined provide a powerful immune-boost for recovery and health maintenance. 

  • Therapeutic Pain Relief Bath with Massage and Blue Light Colour Therapy   55 min $150                     
  • Reiki Session   30 min $90
  • Foot Reflexology   65 min $150                                                                                                                                                        

ANTI-AGING Collection ~ reg $410
For anyone noticing recent hair loss, tired looking or loose skin. This anti-aging series of treatments tones and tightens the skin taking years off appearance both in face and body with an infusion of hydrating botanicals and oxygen. Immediate results are visible. Essential oil hair treatment and massage stimulates new hair growth and slows greying. Go home with a fresh and noticeable glow and a hair system to stop hair loss. 

  • Eucalyptus Skin Renewal with Vichy Shower and Massage   60 min $165        
  • Healthy Hair Oil Treatment   30 min $90                                                         
  • Aromatherapy Sensory Anti-Aging Facial   65 min $155


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