Peace Intention guidelines

  • To ensure a peaceful setting: For the continuity this sacred space, we ask that  all guests speak softly and in positive tones.
  • Cell phones and laptops: We encourage a work-free zone. We ask for everyone's cooperation by turning off your cell phone ringer. 
  • Photos: Take photos discreetly and or with permission, in fact we encourage you to share on instagram or your facebook page so that others can discover the Grail. Speaking on phones in public areas, yoga studio and live presentations is prohibited, however feel free to use electronics in your guest room.
  • Sensitive Health Technology: Cell phone must be turned off when in spa. They are strictly prohibited due to sensitivity of some of the technology and will cause them not to work properly ie: Crystal Bed, Core Cellular, Ion-Cleanse, MAS Mat. 
  • If experiencing an emotional breakthrough: We recommend you book a coaching session. We appreciate the interest in sharing your experience with other guests, however in doing so you may be interrupting others privacy which we are obliged to protect.
  • If issues arise about your stay: Bring your concerns directly to the attention of a Guest Service representative. It is their intention to be of service and resolve any issue promptly and as best they can.
  • Smoking: Strictly prohibited both inside and outside on the property.
  • Late check-in's not possible after 8:30 pm as the desk is closed and most guests have gone to bed.

Together we all have a hand in creating a continuum of positive energy to flow throughout Grail Springs which in turn supports the opportunity for transformation and memorable experiences.

In Appreciation,
Grail Springs Team