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November 29 to December 1, 2019
exclusive women's retreat series ~ rooms are sold out
3 tickets still available for those staying off-site

The stage is set in the beautiful Great Hall of the Grail as we transform the space into a living Medicine Wheel for our three-days together. We spark the imagination, ignite magic and miracles as we work with the powers to create by understanding the laws of manifestation shared through Madeleine Marentette's developed process. We will unite these laws with our personal calling, dreams, intuition and wisdoms of the grandmothers, bringing together all of the elements that define our destiny as super-manifestors.

2020 is a significant year of Mastery in Numerology which will be shared by one of the presenters, Canada's renowned Astrologer Tara Greene. Prepare yourself for a year of immense possibilities. And don't forget to SAVE THE DATE for what will be the most memorable women's festival ever - The Grail Lady Faire - July 10-11-12, 2020!  ADVANCE TICKETS, VENDOR SPACE AND RETREAT PACKAGES will be offered first to attendees of Magic, Miracles & Manifestation on December 2nd!


Our personal history, ancestry and messages meant just for us, will be woven together throughout this timeless space as we journey around the Medicine Wheel while being supported by a team of knowledgable facilitators. Always breathtaking, you will immerse in the magic as we transform the beautiful Great Hall at Grail Springs in to the Medicine Hall for these next three days under the New Moon.

What's Included:

  • Friday 2pm to 5pm: Check-in for our planned activities! Come early to enjoy all of the offerings.
  • Receive your beautiful journal, a gift from Adrienne Enns of May You Know Joy.
  • Visit the Medicine Hall for self-care time: mini-spa and healing offerings such as The Black Pearl, Crystal Bed, Chakra Balancing, Back-Neck-Shoulder Massage, Crown Massage, Tarot Card Readings - purchase your $25 Self-Care tokens upon arrival and receive a COMPLIMENTARY Bio-Energy photo.
  • Receive a smudging blessing from Caroline EagleSong Woman.
  • Choose an Oracle Card from Peggy Perin - what is the message waiting for you for the weekend?
  • Introduction & Intention Setting, Honouring the Algonquin Land and the Four Directions.
  • How to Super-Manifest a Brilliant & Beautiful Life with Madeleine Marentette.
  • Presentations by Tara Greene, Adrienne Enns and Caroline EagleSong Woman.
  • Interactive Talking Circles & Break-out Sessions.
  • Delicious healthy foods and treats from the Grail kitchen.
  • Saturday vegan plant-based buffet lunch & dinner is included with off-site ticket.
  • Lessons on the Three Essential Meditations for Visionaries.
  • Create Your Medicine Wheel for Manifesting and Balancing Wellbeing, Professional and Personal Life.
  • Break time: self-care spa tastings, journaling, labyrinth walk.
  • Saturday Evening Goddess Pajama Dance PARTY.
  • Take home all you need to take action and create results for 2020 and beyond.
  • Circles of song, chant and the talking stick.


  • Bring your favourite 2020 Wall Calendar or purchase one upon arrival. If you don't have time to shop not to worry, Grail Springs boutique will have plenty of gorgeous 2020 wall calendars to choose from.
  • Journal is provided as a gift to attendees. Don't forget to bring a pen.
  • Bring your voice and your drum or any other percussion instrument. 
  • Blanket, pajamas, slippers and anything else that keeps you warm and cozy for the Saturday night PJ Party!
  • Water bottle for refills.


  • PLEASE Arrive before 3pm to register. Festivities begin at 2pm sharp. 
  • Upon arrival purchase a minimum of two mini-spa tokens for $25 each and receive your complimentary Bio-Energy Aura Reading!
  • Receive your smudging from Caroline EagleSong Woman and your Oracle Message from Peggy Perin - between 2-4pm 
  • Then head to the Great Hall which has been transformed in to our Medicine Hall for the weekend festivities which is 2-5pm.
  • 2-5pm take a journey around the Medicine Wheel with an offering of many mini healing treatments! Try the Black Pearl, Crystal Bed, Tarot Cards, Chakra Balancing, Back-Neck-Shoulder Massage, Bio-Energy Photos (bring phone/camera)

Testimonials from our Exclusive Women's Events

"The beautiful weekend was transformational in both giving and receiving for all of us. The connections are profound." ~ Dawn
"Events at the Grail ~ you are a different person than the one you arrived." ~ Suze

"This beautiful weekend has helped me to get clarity and direction!" ~ Lisa

"Transformation, Affirmation, Rise!" ~ Nita

"Truly a transformational weekend with strong women standing with each other!" ~ Ram

"This has been an incredible weekend! I spoke my truth. Thank you Madeleine and others for the opportunity to heal and hopefully I touched other women as well." ~ Paula S

Upon arrival please register at front desk from 2-5pm. Step IN to the Magical Medicine Hall to receive your special cleansing and enjoy mini-spa offerings. LET GO and be HERE NOW. Breathe in the space, sounds, smells and healing energy as we prepare ourselves in mind, body and spirit for tonight's first circle gathering at 7:30pm.

friday, DAY ONE ~ arrive early to enjoy the
Medicine Hall activities at 2pm

  • 2-5pm: Registration and receive your gift, a beautiful journal from presenter Adrienne Enns.
  • Purchase tokens for mini-spa treatments (15 mins) & Tarot Card readings (10 mins) upon arrival. First come first serve! $25 each. Purchase two and receive one complimentary Bio-Energy photo.
  • Receive your special cleansing and smudging with Caroline EagleSong Woman.
  • Choose your special message oracle card with Peggy Perin.
  • Mini-Sessions of Self-Care Offerings in the Medicine Hall: The Black Pearl, Tuning Forks, Crown Massage, Crystal Bed, Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage, Chakra Balancing, Tarot Reading.
  • 6pm dinner - at respective locations.
  • 7:30pm sharp, welcoming introductions, Algonquin honouring, first circle gathering, Vibrational Toning to align the energy
  • The Big Picture ~ setting the intention as the Super-Manifestors that we are, "Ask and You Will Receive".
  • 10pm closing singing circle led by Caroline EagleSong Woman.  Dream well! 

saturday, DAY TWO

  • 9:45am sharp - join The Grail Morning Mantra - reconvene in the Medicine Hall as we honour the four directions.
  • 10am with our personal intentions set, we begin to take our trip around the Wheel of Manifestation:
    Madeleine Marentette: 'How to Super-Manifest a Brilliant & Beautiful Life' Learn the Laws that Govern Creation and Manifestation. Living a life of joy takes passion, dedication and caring deeply about your life purpose. If you bring your intuition, inner sight, and follow my step-by-step guidance, you will begin to tune in to your own familiar innate powers, and fully lead and live the life you envision.  Joy, beauty, wellbeing, abundance and meaning, matters. We are in the world to change the world. I look forward to sharing this life-altering system with you as we prepare for the significant year ahead of us, 2020.
  • 12pm enjoy a delicious, vegan buffet lunch - included.
  • 1pm return to the Medicine Hall as we continue our journey around the Medicine Wheel and open discussions.
  • 2:00-3:30pm enjoy a series of workshop presentations including:
    Tara Greene:  '2020 You Are A Star' ~ Learn about what your starring role is in 2020 within Numerology and Astrology. 2020 reduces to the Master Number 22 and 4. In Tarot this is the symbol of the Emperor, masculine sovereignty associated with initiating the active sign of Aries and Power. Tara will give you the foresight to initiate the new strategies you will be learning in this Super-Manifesting weekend, to initiate your inner masculine and the outer powers in the world.
    Adrienne Enns: 'Creating Intentional Days' ~ This talk will explore what it means to be intentional and how the simple practices we integrate into our everyday lives can have cumulative and profound effects. Adrienne will share easy and accessible tips that will help you create each day on purpose.
    Caroline EagleSong Woman:  'The 13 Grandmothers' ~ Caroline will be speaking about the International Council of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, what they represent, their teachings and vision for the healing of Mother Earth, the next 7 generations to come and how we can help.
  • Spa is open from 1pm to 6pm
  • 3:30-5pm self-care break, walk the sacred labyrinth, hike the trail, complete your journaling exercise.
  • 5-6pm enjoy a delicious vegan buffet dinner which is included.
  • 7pm Goddess Pajama Party begins! Dance and sing the night away under the illuminated sky of the magical Medicine Hall!  Let your Goddess hair down, get comfy or get wildly sexy and luxurious. 
  • We end the evening cozied up with our blankets and popcorn to watch a fascinating short documentary on the science of miracles. Sweet dreaming.

sunday, DAY THREE

  • 8:30-9:30am Yoga for those staying onsite
  • 9:45am sharp - join The Grail Morning Mantra - reconvene in the Medicine Hall as we honour the four directions.
  • 10am with our personal wheel of manifestation completed we enter into our final circle of interaction-action discussions.
  • 11:30am  'Bringing in The NEW!' fire ceremony, group photo.
  • Special Announcement for next gathering - GRAIL LADY FAIRE 2020! Advance tickets for attendees only!
  • 12:30pm Sunday lunch for those who wish to stay. Purchase $25 lunch ticket by 10am on Saturday at front desk.


4 off-site tickets still available - see accommodation below

  • Call 1-877-553-5772 to book your room. Per person rate includes room for 2-nights, all meals, journal, and retreat activities. Mini-spa treatments and sessions are extra. Tokens can be purchased upon arrival. Check-in is 3pm on Friday and 12pm on Sunday. 50% deposit is due at time of booking.


Room type:                                                        Rate Per Person plus HST:
Two twins:                                                      $590 - min 2 persons
One queen:                                                     $610
min 2 persons 
One king:                                                         $630 - 
min 2 persons
Two queens:                                                   $975
min 3 - max 4 persons

Please Note: Due to high demand, we are unable to accept single occupancy bookings for this event.  Secured bookings require a 50% non-refundable deposit, with non-refundable balance due 30 days prior to event. Reservation is non-cancelable. Reservation is transferable to another party and is at the responsibility of the reservation holder. Rates are per person based on double, triple or quad occupancy. 

Still need a ticket and a place to stay?

Tickets are $325 pp plus HST - PURCHASE ONLINE HERE - only 4 tickets left

If you are looking for an offsite cottage on the lake - call Andrew at 1-613-334-0580 - two queen beds.

AirB&B just a few minutes from Grail Springs: ‚Äč

  • What to bring:

  • Journal (provided) and pen
  • Your singing voice, your drum or any other percussion instrument
  • Blanket, clothing for the Goddess Pajama Dance Party!
  • Refillable water bottle
Make meaningful connections with all events of your life and watch in awe as your visions come to fruition. If you can imagine this and know it is possible to live fully connected, create with ease and joy, then join our gathering as we journey through this revelatory process that Madeleine has been praticing and sharing with thousands of individuals for over a decade. Become the Super-Manifestor that you are. 

Our life becomes what we have imagined it to be. We are born to create. Our soul journey leads us to uncover our unique gifts, cultivate them and co-create with the natural laws. We are born to share our creation with the world for the betterment of the world. This is our legacy.