It's an Inside Job!: The Lymphatic System and Why You Need to Care About it

Article by Judy Taylor, Educator and Author of 'It's an Inside Job' 

A healthy life depends on the circulation of the lymphatic system.  It is our second circulatory system, FOUR TIMES LARGER THAN OUR BLOOD SYSTEM and the UNSUNG HERO OF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM. Lymphatic fluid is located in vessels that run parallel to our blood vessels, moving in an upward fashion, responsible for ridding the body of all debris including fats, toxins, infection, bacteria and viruses. Ultimately, the lymphatic system represents the flow of life. A healthy, always flowing system bolsters the body’s immune system, fights disease, and strengthens energy for daily life.

Unlike the blood vessels, which carry nutrients and oxygen to our cells through discrete vessels and remove waste products from the cells, the lymph system carries waste and toxic fluids AWAY from our cells, enhancing total health. However, this system has a serious build-in limitation because it does not have a pump to keep things moving. It must rely solely on good health habits of the person to function properly. When there are health challenges including mental and physical stress, poor nutrition, and lack of consistent exercise, the lymph system can get overloaded and become quite sluggish, thereby making our bodies and us tired and toxic. Toxins, which are not properly processed through the system, will then back up and store in lymph nodes throughout the body, negatively affecting our appearance, energy level and overall health. Correct maintenance and care of the lymphatic system is a major challenge in today’s hectic lifestyle.

When your lymphatic system is blocked or clogged, this creates a condition of stagnation, which promotes fatigue and ill health. Some of the most common symptoms include lumps, bumps, pain and swelling. Some causes of a blocked lymphatic system are due in part to stress, injuries, negative self judgment, lack of exercise, improper diet, and repressed communication. Basically every thing you do or don’t do and every thought you ever have either positively or negatively affects lymphatic well-being. The lymphatic system can be your best friend or your worst enemy. You are worth taking good care of YOU!!! The rewards are good health and lots of energy. It's an inside job!

By keeping our lymphatic system unblocked, your immune system is strengthened, enhanced, and your overall energy is increased…ultimately saving your life. Bounce your way to health. Love, laugh and let go! You are worth it because you are special!

"By taking responsibility for our own well-being we conserve the resources we all share."

Did you know?

The lymph system is a large, mostly unfamiliar, but dynamic health partner. It consists of a complex set of organs and vessels designed to ward off infection, germs, inflammation and disease. It works in concert with your immune system, mind and emotions.

It channels its way throughout the body, carrying infection-fighting cells, filtering OUT fat and impurities. It is commonly known as the “garbage disposal” of your internal body.

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  • The Lymphatic System is critical to all systems in the body!
  • It destroys harmful bacteria, fungi, fat and other toxic materials!
  • The Lymphatic System has no pump and relies on the body’s movement and breath to function optimally!
  • A Healthy Nervous System depends on a Healthy Lymph System!
  • You have four times more lymph fluid than you have blood!

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