Lifestyle Questionnaire

Highly recommended for stays of 7-nights or more or if ordering a Chakra Aura Reading & Photo Service

This form will help us prepare for your visit, make recommendations, and is very helpful for your before and after Chakra Aura Reading & Photo consult which is included in all stays of 7-nights or longer on our Holistic Cleanse or Energy & Vitality Packages


Please answer the sections which you feel applies and be helpful to our Grail guides and coaches. Private and confidential.

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General Information

What is your main reason for choosing a retreat at Grail Springs? Give brief description or describe what you would like to achieve in order of importance




Welcome Consultation: This private session is included in 7-night or longer stays on our Holistic Cleanse or Energy & Vitality Packages, or may be added for $105 to any other package. Your coach will take your bio-energy photo, share the report, answer questions, and may make further recommendations so you may succeed in achieving your goals.
Departure Consultation: Receive another reading of your vital energy levels and the successes you have made. We’ll take this time to answer questions, share our home-coaching options, upcoming webinars, and give you some take-home recommendations. Included with 7-night stays or longer on our Holistic Cleanse or Energy & Vitality Packages.