Lifestyle Questionnaire

Highly recommended for stays of 3 nights or more.

This form will help us prepare for your visit, make recomendations and is very helpful for your before and after bio energy consult which is included on all stays of 5 nights or longer


Please answer the sections which you feel applies and be helpful to our Grail guides and coaches. Private and confidential.

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General Information

What is your main reason for choosing a retreat at Grail Springs? Give brief description or describe what you would like to achieve in order of importance




Welcome Consultation: This private session is included in 5-night or longer stays. Your coach will take your bio-energy photo, share the report, answer questions, and may make further recommendations so you may succeed in achieving your goals.
Departure Consultation: Receive another reading of your vital energy levels and the successes you have made. We’ll take this time to answer questions, share our home-coaching options, upcoming webinars, and give you some take-home recommendations.