EMFs: Electric Magnetic Field Safety and what you can do to prevent future health problems

by Madeleine Marentette

I just had experts here at my home yesterday giving me an assessment of my 'dirty electricity', and me a personal lesson about the health consequences of microwave radiation exposure from wireless technologies — such as my wi-fi, my laptop, cell and my cordless home phones. These exposures are becoming better known as some of the hidden reasons behind illnesses - possibly 35% of the population may be affected. You may be sensitive to EMFs (Electric Magnetic Field) without realizing it.

Here are some symptoms listed below:

  •   confusion, poor short term memory or 'brain fog'
  •   headaches, dizziness, numbness and even tremors
  •   nausea or general feeling of being unwell
  •   fatigue and weakness
  •   problems with vision and hearing, buzzing in ear
  •   depression, anxiety, mood disorders
  •   skin problems such as rashes, arthritic pain

Here are some of the things I have done to protect myself and my family and how you can get started as well:

  • contact an EMF specialist to come and do an inspection/read of your home. You'll get a full demonstration. Cost: approx. $300 depending on the size of your home.
  • specialist can install filters throughout your home to stop the free flow of EMF's into your environment. Cost per filter is approx $40. My 2100 sq ft home took 15 filters
  • change all of your cordless phones in your home back to corded phones (yes I know - no more multi-tasking unless you buy a really long cord!)
  • move your hard drive and wireless antennas as far away as possible, behind your desk.  It is ideal if you can put a piece of wood between you and it.
  • never buy a metal desk as this acts as a conduit for EMFs. Buy a wooden desk.
  • purchase a piece of silver lined shielding fabric to throw over your hard drive (looks like a piece of white muslin, approx $100) More info
  • use cell phone as little as possible
  • purchase a keyboard that you can plug into your laptop, allowing you to distance yourself an extra foot or two away from it. You want to get your hands off the main keyboard belonging to the laptop.

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