Heart Meditation

Cultivating the Powers of the Heart

We are each born with the gift of five senses; sound, touch, smell, taste and sight. We navigate through our early years feeling vulnerable and subject to experiences that do not always feel as delightful as the tastes of a chocolate truffle. But we bite into life and do our best to figure out what (and whom) serves us well and what does not. This takes time and maturity. Our perception changes year after year as do our taste buds. Above and beyond the five senses is the sixth; the sensory heart, an organ of perception that is often taken for granted. Until we meditate on the concept that the heart is the greatest organ of perception, and cultivate the points of its limitless perception, we may never connect with these powerful gifts the whole of our lives. And this is the cause of someone who feels lost or disconnected in life.

Imagine a golden rod running through the centre of us; a laser-like beam of energy that comes up from the earth and streams right through the crown of our head. This golden rod pierces through the heart and the mind as an information highway, and that when tapped into, ignites intuition, truth-telling, the power to heal and manifest. Try the following practice each day for just a few minutes which will in turn help you to cultivate the gifts of this great organ of perception.

A Walking Meditation Exercise 

Settle down somewhere quiet, get comfortable and close your eyes. Breathe deep and then see if you can direct your consciousness to the heart. Settle here for a minute. Let the energy in your head relax. Give your heart centre stage. Ask for it to reveal itself to you. A simple word may come to mind which represents one of its power attributes; such as compassion or humility. Whatever word comes to mind, feel it, keep it in your heart, and stay mindful of it. Now walk in this state for one hour or more. Remain as centred as you can and go about your business. Engage in conversation with others, go for a walk around the block. Open your eyes and watch as each time you do this exercise, invaluable pearls of wisdom will be revealed to you. This is one way to gain true spiritual insight.

– Madeleine Marentette

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