Geomantics: Amongst the Stones

by Alan Reed

What is Geomantics?

Planet Earth, much like our human body, has a complex subtle energy field; Geomancy is the Ancient applied science of balancing subtle energy fields within architecture and the landscape.

Natural geopathic disturbances are changes in earth’s magnetic or ambient fields. Sources of these disturbances are subterranean water veins, geological faults, oil/gas and mineral deposits and certain parts of the Planets network of geomagnetic grids. While all of these phenomena may either enhance or disrupt Earth’s field, their effect is sensed from ground level to considerable altitude. The seasonal procession of the solstices and equinoxes, the Sun and Moon cycles all contribute to energy fluctuations. These activities influence the tides, water movement, fungi, and migratory patterns of birds, fishes, insects, reptiles and amphibians and yes even us humans.

Certain mineral elements & deposits give off vibratory emanations and magnetic signals detectable with modern equipment or through divination. Modern science is measuring these phenomena with geological scanning equipment, mineral spectrographs and sophisticated medical scanning devices. We are rediscovering that which many ancient cultures already knew thousands of years ago – Nature is physics.

Man-made sources may also introduce disturbances into our environment with immense electromagnetic waves emanating from high voltage power lines, poor grounding, low quality wiring, dimmer switches, computers, power bars, transformers, heaters, electric blankets etc… Then we have Wi-Fi, routers, TV and alarm systems, radio phones, baby monitors, plus stray voltage and radio waves from the buildings wiring. All of these phenomena are of recent introduction to our environment and not naturally part of the planets ecosystem. We have evolved from Nature and need nourishing environments, the future trend and current research indicates the desire towards living in a naturally resonating environment.

How do we know whether these disturbances are present?

Dowsing has been used for thousands of years to locate water sources, mineral deposits and oil & gas deposits. Alan Reed uses divining and ecological observation plus instrumentation to identify anomalies in any given situation. Alan uses his sensitivity to locate zones of incoherence and offers remediation and strategies to rectify disruptive areas. Sacred sites, temples, castles were intentionally built on areas of high natural disturbance. A dowser intuitively “taps” into energetic changes sensing the Earth’s magnetic or electric fields to determine the most auspicious spots. Architecture of that era incorporated sacred geometry into all construction and relied on dowsing to reveal with consistent accuracy these “ power spots “.

European culture is rich with historical examples of Geomancy including myths of castles, knights calming telluric forces through slaying of Dragons and Serpents. China and Japan have the art of placement – Feng Shui. In its youth Germany used dowsers to discover metal resources to build the financial empire in countries they conquered. Dowsing, as an ancient art, was utilized into many facets of our ancient communities and deserves reintroduction into our world.

You may have noticed these signs of natural geopathic fluctuations

Certain rooms in a home or office feel off or are rarely used. Some rooms may be cooler or warmer for no apparent reason, even when in no proximity to vents, doors or windows.

Children sleeping over these zones often have disrupted sleep, may sleepwalk or desire to always join the parent’s bed, you may notice they sleep in a fetal position of even roll out of the bed onto the floor during sleep, animals extremely sensitive to these disturbances.

Trees grow bent up and twisted in an attempt to distant themselves from these forces and may develop strange looking growths akin to tumours.

Traffic jams, accidents occurring over areas of disturbance along certain parts of the road, regardless of visibility, weather or time of day.

Are there constant turnover of tenants in retail or residential space.

How does this effect life?

All life on this Earth lives within the planets Magnetic field and is therefore affected by any changes to this field. Life gives off subtle, detectable, biomagnetic emanations. These natural vibrations either in harmony or zones of disruption, Geopathic stress is an involuntary condition arising in all life forms as a reaction to the disturbances in our biomagnetic field. Every moment of every day we are exposed to a multitude of unseen natural or manmade energies. Exposure to high gradients of geopathic anomalies may affect our vitality or the ambiance of a place.

NASA discovered early in the space program a necessity of Earth harmonics in space capsules for maintaining cellular communication and bone density. Many indoor environments create excessive positive ionization – the way we heat and cool the buildings, synthetic materials, finishes, carpet, electronics etc… The lack of negative ions may induce allergies, breathing disorders, itchy eyes, and headaches, depression and anxiety. Generating a negative ion potential is beneficial and necessary for all of life’s processes. We experience negative ions near the ocean, by the lake, streams, rivers, cascading waterfalls, walking thru forests, glades or mountainous regions.

Vitality is compromised when your home, bed or workplace is situated over zones riddled with geopathic stress or electromagnetic disturbance. Aligning these disturbances with Geomantic services strengthens your resistance to many ailments and diseases, which have been linked to Geopathic stress by medical research in Europe.

How Geomantics can help correct imbalances

Once anomalies are detected and identified there are 2 ways to dealing with them – avoidance and removal. Using instruments and divination – tools that give visual and validation of their existence our services thru the process of elimination alter space and exposure. Geomancy is a subtle while profound method to optimize beneficial Chi from which all life forms draw from. This technology is rooted in Ecological observation combined with the dynamics of Natural law and historical fact.

One may try to avoid the disturbances by rearranging furniture in order to spend as little time as possible over or in zones of disturbance. However many buildings with existing disturbances become an obstacle course for a sensitive person. Geomantic services align these anomalies with our unique consulting and product line. Working with these forces in a way that may be described as “Earth Acupuncture” using selective naturally charged elements pinpointed on zones of disturbance to recalibrate the energies into coherency. Strategically placing quartz transducers and mineral condensers on disturbances in the Earths ambient field balances the Geopathic stress. Our crystal transducers create a beneficial change within your environment into a harmonic resonance in the form of 7-8 Hertz waves; the same we experience in ideal situations of the natural surroundings we all enjoy!

What are the benefits of Geomantic Services?

Re-establishing natural harmonic frequencies encourages all life to ebb and flow in your home and work environment. Our clients report a wide range of benefits by living and working in aligned environments. Many businesses, individuals as well as whole households have undergone major transformations after erratic and disruptive energies within their environments were modulated and balanced.

In a workplace; promoting favorable human interaction, focused atmosphere, minimize downtime, mood swings, depression, energized workers, provide oxygen and light conducive to productivity.

In a home; peaceful atmosphere, refreshing sleep, contented pets, improved family relations, allergy reduction and mood swings.

On open land; ecosystem regeneration, growth influenced by stimulation of soil biota, healthier livestock, benefits forestation, Earth pulse is augmented.

There’s more…

Utilizing select geological deposits with unique properties; piezoelectricity, pyroelectricity, paramagnetism, and crystalline symmetry generates ionization and magnetism. These properties contribute to ambient environments teeming with freshness & biological life – both visible and unseen. We offer custom blended mineral blends for landscaping and gardening needs applying mineralization in a variety of ways. Nourishing creation and a sustainable way to regenerate your environment, grow nutrient dense food and resistance to weather fluctuations.

Our recommended installations of selective trees, placement of large stones enhance an area’s natural harmonics and air quality. As background ionization and magnetism increases photon activity all life forms benefit. Creating vital forests, parkettes, greenspaces and farms is Geomantics contribution to life and healthy partnerships with Nature…

Other products for concrete, plaster and paint mediums reduce volatile compounds and have a deodorizing effect while also introducing essential energy dynamics void in many of today’s buildings although abundant within Nature.

Placement of a Peace Cairn on the earth - either a large standing stone or Menhir or buried specimens symbolizes an active movement towards Peace by lying down of stones (primitive weapons) and turning them into building blocks towards a better future and active movement towards Peace. A cairn is intended to satisfy two distinct, parallel functions, as in to facilitate people who wish to make a personal statement and an organic one of change aging gracefully with public enthusiasm towards peace. Weathering the seasons a Cairn reminds the onlooker to think of peace and consider what they may do to further bring peace about. This initiative implores us to make a pro-active statement a visible and constant reminder or people’s desire for peace everywhere.

In closing Geomantic services and expertise have satisfied clients in commercial, residential and agricultural sectors since 1987. Geomantic Services create natural surroundings anywhere you play, work or reside.

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