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  1. The Happy Retreat

    The Happy Retreat

    Apr 30th-May 5th

    You’ve been working on wellness – now get your hands on happy! True happiness is rarely accidental.  It takes a conscious choice to focus on the positive and free ourselves from the past or negative thinking. Follow your heart to Grail Springs and build a new foundation of peace and joy that lasts.

  2. Creating Freedom, Abundance & Wellbeing ~ with Lori Raudnask - Special guest presenter

    Creating Freedom, Abundance & Wellbeing ~ with Lori Raudnask - Special guest presenter

    May 3rd-4th

    Do you desire more time for yourself, more freedom, abundance and wellbeing?  Lori sets the tone for these two evenings providing you with a quick-scaling, powerful yet simple tool on how to listen to your inner voice, embrace self-care and keep you on target with the right vision and mindset!  

  3. In the NOW with Yoga ~ Evita Ochel

    In the NOW with Yoga ~ Evita Ochel

    May 5th-6th

    Join author Evita Ochel who specializes in holistic nutrition, meditation and spirituality. Using Hatha yoga postures, breath, mindfulness, we will explore and strengthen our present moment awareness for increased wellbeing.

  4. The Fresh Start Retreat

    The Fresh Start Retreat

    May 7th-12th

    Have you found yourself saying..."I really need a fresh start!"? Well now is your chance to do just that when you join the entire Grail Springs Team who has designed a special week just for those looking for a fresh start in life.

  5. Energy 101 - Laura Milcawich

    Energy 101 - Laura Milcawich

    May 12th-13th

    We all have the ability to tap in to the energy that surrounds us and within us. Learn ways to develop your gifts, how to fine tune them, and practice using your gifts on yourself and others.