Daily Yoga & Meditation

morning classes are complimentary with retreat packages
levels ~ beginners to intermediate, all ages
please bring your own personal yoga mat

Yin Yoga 

This class will provide an emphasis on breathwork and deep stretches for relaxation of the nervous system.  Through a passive and relaxed style of yoga, the goal is to assist with the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. The class progresses to a state of deeper mental quietude.

Gentle Yoga for Relaxation

We start off our time together sharing the beautiful Grail Mantra (view on Youtube) flow, then gently explore poses and breath practices that help connect us to our precious bodies with an accepting, welcoming attitude. While guests are encouraged and guided to approach the entire session as a meditation, we bring each class to a close with time for stillness and deep rest. 

Gentle Hatha and Restorative Yoga

Hatha is a classical and most widely practiced form of yoga that is a mixture of standing, seated and floor exercises facilitating mind, body and spirit connection. In this class we will invite gentle movement to every part of our bodies bringing mobility to our spine. We will begin the class with chakra activation meditation, followed by gentle yoga poses, beautiful Grail Mantra and end with deeply restorative yoga poses on the floor using pillows and blankets. This class will inspire and awaken an attitude of calmness, playfulness, and self-love. 

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a form of yoga that involves breathing exercises, mantras, and poses designed to activate your Kundalini energy or Shakti at the base of your spine. As we gently awaken this energy we enhance our awareness of self and our environment. This practice is also called 'yoga of awareness'. 

Qi-Yoga Flow

'Qi' or the 'Prana' is the vital energy force that runs through our bodies and all around the natural environment. This Qigong infused gentle yoga flow helps participants sense, move and re-vitalize their energy through connection with breath and slow flowing movements. We will begin the class with grounding meditation and the beautiful Grail Mantra, followed by various interconnected poses suitable for all body types and experience levels; and finalize our class with peaceful stillness.