When the Old is Still the New

30 Jan 2016

As we embrace the New Year, the shift in the cosmic play, trickles down and affects all of nature including us. This energy shift is marked by the winter solstice, a twenty-one day window that allows time and opportunity for us to adjust to the change; ten days prior to the solstice, the solstice day itself, and ten days following. By the time we exit this period January 1st, most individuals feel an urge to get moving. Even those who do not observe the solstices and equinoxes will express a feeling of renewed energy and motivation. 


his year I had a personal experience that brought a welcomed and timely affirmation. I felt the urge to purge my basement, move out the old, donate what was no longer needed, and prepare my mind for a new book I am about to embark on. I ended up delving in to a two-day meditation looking at the younger me, from early high school on. I observed the most wonderful thing; that the clothes, art, music, journals and the books collected over the years was representative of exactly who I am today. My values and loves are the same. My taste for design, fabric, time-periods, non-fiction, music genres, and most significantly, the search for and appreciation of beauty in all things, was clear. I felt affirmed. And it made me smile. A lot. This unexpected affirmation grounded me even more in a life-mission to continue to create and bring beauty to life wherever is possible.

So friends, my message to you today is, sometimes the old is not old and not to be tossed away. It is there for us to revisit, rediscover and reaffirm ourselves. Perhaps this is a good time in your life to revisit the old and affirm that you have been true to yourself and are exactly where you are supposed to be today. And then give yourself a big smile and continue on with confidence and even more joy with what you do in the world. 

Keep Dreaming

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