Photo Gallery

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Misty Morning Paddle at Grail Springs
Full Moon Magic on Chalice Lake
Gardens in Bloom at Grail Springs
The Hot Tub at Grail Springs
Take out an SUP board
Overlooking Chalice Lake
A Canadian Tradition
Chalice Lake
Be Like Water
Private Corners for Meditation
Zen Canoeing
Misty Mornings
Lawn at Grail Springs
Spur Lake, Grail Springs
Summer Lawn, Grail Springs
Beautiful Landscapes
Many Meditation Areas to Explore
Grail Springs.. Good for the Soul
Connect with Nature
Yoga on the Lawn
Summer Scenery at Grail Springs
Meet other like-minded individuals
Summer on the Patio at Grail Springs
Lunch on the Patio
Outdoor Meditation
Grail Kitchen Herb Garden
Quiet Early Fall Morning at Grail
Misty Morning Canoeing
Visit with our Horses
Majestic St. Pete
Outdoor Workshops
Prayer Tree
Bonding with Like-Minded Individuals
Take an early morning canoe ride
Space to Breathe
Canadian Traditions
Forest Bathing
Mineral Capital of Canada
Wildlife Sanctuary for many species
Spur Lake in Fall
Welcome Gate
First Snow Fall at Grail Springs
Winter Scenes at Grail Springs
Always there to greet you
Winter Forest at Grail Springs
Labyrinth in Winter
Labyrinth Year Round
Dry Finnish Sauna
Hot Mineral Soaker Tub