Vital Life-Force Energy

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What you see here are before and after images of an individual's bio-energy field at the beginning and at the completion of a 10-night program.

The image on the left shows someone ovecome by sadness or grief, mentally stressed, but also ready for change. The photo on the right shows a peaceful mind, with health and vitality returning, a re-connection to self and their foundational beliefs.

“Our health is dependent on having vibrant Chi, bio-energy flowing freely through our body. This is our mission and the future of energy medicine.”

You have a ‘frequency’. And your level of frequency or life vitality can be captured on film with advanced technology. Grail Springs has this technology. This captured field is also referred to as the bio-energy field; a read of the sum total of the life energy or vitality of any living organism. It can tell us just how alive and vital something is, or where there is a weakness or a block causing ill-health. The bio-energy field surrounds every living thing, from a planet, human being, animal, tree, leaf to a cell. Today science can read this frequency as it appears by way of a light and colour spectrum resulting from bio-feedback or bio-pulsar measurements.

In old world paintings you may recall seeing halos or auras painted around subjects. The aura is not a mysterious and mystical thing.  It can be seen by any trained eye. It is simply the energetic picture of our body’s state of wellness or illness. Today we can use it to see imbalances both on a physical, emotional and mental level. It also takes a read on the health of your seven chakras (major energy centres), the meridians and organs.

This science originated as Kirlian photography which came out of Russia in the 1930s. This photographic phenomenon happened by accident when Semyon Kirlian was exposed to a harmless electron cascade. He saw a visible aura around his hands which he captured on film.

Since all energy carries information, a theory was developed that streams of sub-atomic particles moving in and out of living tissue would reveal important information about the health of that organism. Thanks to today’s computer technology you can view the full moving bio-energy field in real virtual time ~ as it is receiving, transforming and expressing energy.

Everything that appears in the physical body is reflected in its energy field and vice versa. By feeding the body healthy foods and proper nutrients, good hydration, clean oxygen, an exchange of healthy bio-energy from others (healing energy therapies), and allowing the mind to destress,  we can see and measure the increased flow of energy reflected in the field.

Restoration and balance between the biochemical and bioenergy components can result and improve overall health.

“We are all built from two components that are completely interwoven: biochemical matter and energy. Energy health affects our physical health and vice-versa. Nutrition, deep breathing, movement, sleep, sunlight, environment, mindfulness, and even the people we choose to be with affect our energy and our physcial wellbeing. Pay attenention, and choose wisely.”
– Madeleine Marentette, Founder

What can you do to keep your Chakras balanced and BioEnergy Field charged?

  • take 5 minutes daily and close your eyes, breathe in deeply, restore calm in heart and mind
  • learn a new meditation like the 'loving kindness' meditation
  • take up Yoga Classes, Tai Chi or Pilates
  • go for a brisk walk or run, do some type of cardio 10 minutes per day
  • start your day with the 6-min Grail Mantra practice - follow our YouTube video
  • treat yourself to an energy therapy once a month; Chakra Balancing, Reiki or Cranio-sacral Therapy
  • take a detox bath once a week
  • commit to finding your resolve each and every day
  • eat whole plant-based foods; organic and locally grown as much as possible
  • check-in to Grail Springs for a 'self-care' retreat time!

The 7 Major Chakra Centres and corresponding Colour, Glands and Organs

7th Crown: White~Pineal~All Organs
6th Third Eye: Indigo~Pituitary~Brain
5th Throat: Turquoise~Thyroid~Larynx
4th Heart: Green~Thymus~Spleen (organ of vitality)
3rd Solar Plexus: Yellow~Pancreas~Stomach
2nd Sacral: Orange~Adrenal~Sex Gland
1st Base: Red~Gonads~Kidney

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means ‘wheel’. Each exists as a swirling vortex of frequency, light and colour. There is also a vacuum formed in the centre. This magnetic draw attracts to them anything that corresponds to their particular colour and light frequency spectrum.

Teachings in the ancient art of energetic healing encompass the practice of balancing and restoring the body's energy force; known by different cultures or practices as life-force energy, chi, yin yang, prana, vital or universal energy. When this energy is allowed to flow freely, entering in from the top of the head, and through the eyes, it channels itself down and up (positive and negative energy flow) the spine, and outward through an alignment of seven major energy centres known as chakras.

The seven major chakras correspond to seven major organs and glands. There are an additional 21 secondary or minor chakras, each corresponding to different areas of the body. The working of the chakra system is complex. There is a corresponding force for each of the seven major centres. It is through the process of evolution of consciousness that the energy forces to and from the chakras can be transferred and transmuted. Holistic health practitioners today use the foundation of ancient energy therapies to assist with balancing the chakra system in order to keep the free flow of life-force energy moving to the corresponding organs and glands.

Again, how you think, feel and express yourself in this life, has an energetic effect on your physical vitality. Keeping your chakras healthy and in balance by learning to quickly transform your stress and negative thinking through meditation for instance, is a method of approach that can be learned.

A holistic therapy specifically called ‘chakra balancing’ is becoming more available as a means to de-stressing and keeping the centres in balance. Yoga, breath work, and meditation are all excellent mediums to relax the body and transform stress.

Each of the seven major chakras represents seven states of consciousness. Let’s look at animals for a moment. Their lower chakras would be most enlivened hence the dominating instinctual nature, otherwise known as ‘animal instincts’.

For humans, chakra 4, 5 and 6 are the most enlivened today for the majority of people. They are most dominant in the building and maintenance of our vital force. We live in a particular time in evolution where we are most developed emotionally, mentally, creatively and spiritually than ever before. We are heart-felt, we are communicators, we are visionaries. We are also more in control of our animal nature than we might have been 30,000 years ago. We are climbing the chakra scale as a natural part of the evolutionary process. This is also true on the single life experience. As we move from birth to full adulthood, we have the potential to discipline our lower nature. As we mature we develop our self will, self-control and self accountability.

The individual, who expresses an imbalance emotionally and mentally and doesn’t take care of their physical needs, will not be as open a receptor for downloading the life-force energy. They could eventually find themselves drained and fatigued on every level and eventually could succumb to illness. When we are knocked out physically, our emotions are usually running rampant. We are irritable and sometimes even irrational in our thinking.

An individual who is balanced in their lifestyle choices, their emotions, thinking and their outward expression, will be that much more receptive to drawing down vital life-force energy. It will be allowed to move freely throughout the body, feed our internal systems, organs and cells, assuring us a more youthful presence, health, peace, happiness and longevity!
Chakra On!

~ Madeleine Marentette

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