Success Stories


I cannot thank you enough. I learned the importance of taking care of myself on a spiritual level. It is amazing how rest, yoga and meditation - not excluding the beauty of Grail Springs, can restore your body, mind and Spirit. I don't remember the last time I sat down and ate three meals a day (all of the exceptional). I deeply connected with all the teachings here and I intend to expand and impact others with this mindset. I believe we can achieve beautiful things on this planet. Thank you for being part of my spiritual journey. Lillian

With an open mind, and an open heart, I was able to do some major healing this week. Grail Springs Wellness Retreat is a place of spectacular transformation. It is the mineral capital of Canada. Its powerful force awakens you into looking deep in your soul. Finding love for yourself and learning to love yourself.  I have made connections that will surely last a life time. Memories that will remain with me for eternity, and friendships that have turned into family. If you want to change your life, only you can change your life. Support, love, encouragment, compassion, generosity, kindness, and of course some humor is the magic elixir. #Grailed  Paul

Pain drastically reduced, IBS virtually gone: When I first came to Grail Springs, I was incredibly stressed out and tired from, well, life. I was also suffering with chronic pain in most of my body and IBS, in addition to being a type-1 diabetic. After 10 days at Grail Springs, I no longer feel so stressed, my pain has been drastically reduced, my IBS is virtually gone, and my blood sugar is under much better control. I have brought the alkaline plan back home with me, and intend to stay with it for life. Filia

I will never forget my three week stay with you.  It saved my life. John O

Dramatic reduction in symptoms related to Fibromyaligia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: I have been struggling personally both mentally and physically and really needing to escape my life for a while. I participated in the 12 night/13 day Body Detox Cleanse & Energy Regeneration Program. This was by far the most transformative 2 weeks of my life. I started with a 3 day juicing plan to cleanse my body on the inside, and with the many detoxing and energy spa treatments that cleansed and energized my body from the outside it left me feeling amazing and my pain subsided dramatically, as I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I then continued with the Alkaline Diet plan and enjoyed every meal, and before I knew it I no longer craved caffeine, sugar, alcohol or meat. I enjoy this way of eating and I have now incorporated it into my everyday routine. I am also meditating every day, starting with the Grail Mantra which keeps me grounded and allows Grail Springs to be a part of my everyday life. I also plan to make Grail Springs an annual vacation spot for me as it is so important to renew your body, mind and spirit in order to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Debbie

Leaves cane behind: My first trip marked the beginning of a new way of life for me. I arrived there walking with a cane because of my Fibromyalgia and left 7 days later not even realizing that I didn't need it anymore. I benefited from all the treatments and started to feel better almost immediately. I lost 5 pounds in 5 days and my emotional state went from being profoundly depressed to being full of joy and happiness. Gloria

Overcoming grief: Struggling to get past mind numbing grief and “what do I want to do with the rest of my life” I found Grail Springs. I can honestly say that Grails Springs has transformed my life. I checked in for a 7 day period and my goal was a thorough mental and physical detoxification. I started with a 3 day juice fast and ate the completely beautiful meals thereafter. Alexi is a master chef and beautiful lady (I can’t wait until her cookbook comes out). I was never left feeling hungry. The dining staff was also amazing..Peter was so entertaining. I did all available physical detox spa options, plus some soul cleansing. The staff is amazing from Maria and Debbie Ann at the front desk to the numerous spa technicians. I can’t convey how life altering this experience was and I was able to bond with some amazing woman I met there. I kayaked every morning before anyone else was up and spent some time in the hot tub. I also participated in the morning Mantra (I still do it in the mornings) , yoga, and daily meditation. I also hiked in the afternoons, swam, and took a chance on the paddleboard. A big shout out to Eva as she was the one to break through to me and allowed me to see what was there already. I left feeling strong, confident, and healthy both spiritually and physically. I can’t wait to go back. Dorothy

Doctor loses weight, eliminates chronic heartburn. Looks at medicine in a new light: As a physician I knew I needed a different kind of healing than the kind I work in everyday. I needed a direction to enrich my life and enhance my wellbeing. As one is travelling along in life, one only needs to change direction slightly to have a completely different journey.  Grail Springs was my shift.  I have begun to develop the tools to become more enlightened, empowered and at peace. I have changed the way I eat forever and I am losing weight without being malnourished or having cravings.  I am now down 16 pounds after only 3.5 weeks, but more important is that this is all natural, plentiful in variety and taste, and sustainable. I have also started to look at medicine in a whole new light.  Medications are too little, too late and too easy in many conditions.  There are, of course, medical conditions which absolutely require medications to stay alive and I would never discourage people to stop their medications without talking about the consequences with their doctor.  I have suffered with heartburn for years and have been taking medication for heartburn for almost as long.  I have stopped drinking caffeine and adjusted my diet with the help of Grail Springs and I no longer need the medication.  I am now connecting with the thought that my medication allowed me to put on an incredible amount of weight  (70lbs) without suffering the immediate consequences while at the same time the drug and my extra weight increases my risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, etc. I am more connected with myself. Thank you Grail Springs for your lasting impact and the best vacation I have ever had, I can't wait to come back again. Dr. Sim

Off all meds: Grails Springs has left a lasting impact.  I have lost 14lbs since being there, I'm off all of my meds and so far so good. Susan

Depression lifted: I attended a spiritual retreat led by Madeleine Marentette. I completely transformed. My body had experienced severe depression for two to three years prior, then with your help it was gone. I didn’t even know who I was seeing that weekend when light and energy finally re-entered by body. I am off to study neuroscience next year, praying that I can help even a fraction of the way you helped me, for others. 

Life 360: I needed an escape from life. As a result of my 10-day stay I have accomplished more in the last two months than I ever would have anticipated. My stay kicked-off profound changes and I am thankful for it everyday. I arrived feeling drained and in a state of uncertaintly about some life decisions that were on my plate. I was looking at purchasing a nightclub but was conflicted. I needed to recharge my batteries and find my spirit again, my drive in life. Literally, as I wirte this email I am on my way to an ashram in California to do my Yoga Teacher Certification. Additionally, I am registered to start school full- time to become a Certified Holistic Practioner. I rediscovered myself and believe that anything is poosbile if you believe in yourself enough to take that great leap of faith. I will remember this for the rest of my life. Jack

Rediscovering Self after cancer: I came to the Grail looking for myself, for a release from who my cancer had made me in the last year. And I found it here. I am so thankful for this time and for the lovely people that have helped me in this journey of self-exploration. Shannon

Alkaline Diet and now pain free: First time in 15 years I've felt pain free. Plus I lost 7 pounds. I'm starting over, taking home all I've learned & plan to come back every year just to fill my cup! Thank you Grail Springs. You're a special bunch. Alison B

Infrared reduces chronic pain: I came to Grails Springs in search of pain relief as I suffer from Fibromyalgia. We really did get to put the Infrared to the test because I woke that morning with a very stiff neck and left shoulder; which is very common with Fibromyalgia.  The first time I went in for 20 mins and by the time I came out my neck and shoulder pain was almost gone and stayed away most of the day.  Again the next day I awoke with the same neck and shoulder pain; a little worse this day.  Into the Infrared I went and again by the time I came out the pain was pretty much relieved.  I do believe we have found something that works!  I am so happy to have found a drug free pain reliever.  I have been trying my best to not be loaded with prescriptions and so far have lived with NO prescription pain meds; although I would love if I could do away will all meds.  I defiantly would recommend anyone with any type of Chronic Pain Disease to at least give it a try. Jenny

Depression, anxiety, IBS and pain due to Fibromyalgia subsides: Dear Madeleine and the entire staff at Grail Springs, My daughter and son-in-laws gift of five glorious days of feeling hugged from the minute we walked in the door, truly listened to, deliciously fed, receiving spa treatments, listening to gifted speakers and having all of our needs more than met, was the most life changing event of my life. My caring and beautiful daughter knew how much I needed this and she was along to share in my recovery while healing herself as well. Everyone was there for us, we could let the outside world go and simply focus on our healing. Without realizing how it was happening, my depression lifted, my life-long IBS and bloating was improving on the Alkaline Diet, my body was learning how to stretch and relax with the morning mantra and yoga, the Sea Vichy treatment helped my extensive skin cancer healing and most importantly, I was filling my soul with renewed faith and joy. I hadn’t wanted to look at myself in the mirror for quite some time but there I was, looking at a younger looking woman smiling with that old sparkle in her eyes. Wow Well, I have been home for over two weeks and am still on the Alkaline diet, which really shows as I am no longer troubled with painful and urgent IBS symptoms, no more panic attacks, no more constant Tylenol for my Fibromyalgia and I am shrinking. As if that is not all enough I have a clearer complexion and little to no under arm odour. Amazing how well your body can function with the right PH level. Although I will always have a life changing brain injury, I continue to see the pure joy and optimistic view of my life forward. The entire Grail Spring’s Staff know how to perform Miracles. Victoria

Spiritual renewal: The workshop with Madeleine left me so profoundly changed. I felt completely loved, supported and safe through the whole process. Anyone who has that feeling in their gut, that gnawing to follow an inner voice but doesn't know how or where to start; it is here with Madeleine who has walked the walk and can help to get you on your path. I walked away from it peaceful, grounded and confident with the tools and techniques I learned throughout the week to go forward. I am ready now to share this with family and friends through patience and compassion. CF