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Spirit Adventures

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Spirit of Summer Retreat Series

"I want to see the world, follow a map to its edges. And keep going. I want to forgo plans, trust my instincts and let curiosity be my guide. I want to sleep under unfamiliar stars and let the journey unfold before me." ~ The Maptia Manifesto

Summer at the Grail is often called ‘summer camp for the soul’ by our returning guests. Meet other like-minded guests and enjoy exploring new possibilities that can transform your life. This week is all about unleashing your adventurous side and having a summer experience that will enrich your soul while taking good care of your body temple at the same time. With daily mantra, yoga, meditation, hiking, spa therapy treatments, great food and great conversation, you'll leave with great memories, new friends, and many stories to share.

"Once a year go somewhere you've never been before." ~ Dalai Lama

In addition to your all-inclusive package, you are invited to take part in the following extras, a series of special workshops designed for this theme week:

  1. Spirit of Summer Introduction

    Spirit of Summer Introduction

    Tonight you begin your retreat orientation with Barb Shaw in the beautiful Great Hall. Following, we’ll move outside to the beachfront campfire and set our soul intention for the week, closing with a traditional smudge ceremony under the stars.

  2. Food Glorious Food

    Food Glorious Food

    Holistic Nutritionist Evita Ochel

    Enjoy a delicious dinner outside overlooking the peaceful waters of Chalice Lake. Then bring your questions to the beachfront campfire and meet with our knowledgeable food coach for some great health tips. Roasted apples over the fire anyone?

  3. Forest Bathing

    Forest Bathing

    Laura Milcawich

    Join energy worker Laura for this mindfulness walk through the woods. Learn about forest bathing which is catching on world-wide, a practice revolving around the power to heal within the natural environment of the forest.

  4. Finding Joe: The Hero's Journey

    Finding Joe: The Hero's Journey

    Film Presentation

    Each evening at 8:45pm following the guest presentation, participants are invited to watch a special film documentary specifically related to the weeks theme. Finding Joe tells the story of each of our journey through life from leaving home, our trials and tribulations, to triumph. Inspirational, uplifting, positive and enlightening.

  5. Thunder Wolf Teepee

    Thunder Wolf Teepee

    Circle Gathering

    In the beauty and peace of Thunder Wolf Teepee, we will gather to speak about the Sacred and our connection to all that lives. Come and learn through medicine wheel teachings and recharge your spirit in this magical living and breathing space.

  6. Zen of Canoeing

    Zen of Canoeing

    A Meditation on Water

    The iconic Canadian Canoe is a national heritage and summer activity that should not be missed. We’ll gather in the centre of the lake, make our personal commitment to our lives moving forward and receive a blessing from the healing waters of Chalice Lake.

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