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The Happy Retreat

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True happiness is rarely accidental. It's a conscious choice to focus on the positive and free ourselves from negative thinking. Follow your heart to Grail Springs and take yourself on a life journey to learn what it takes to build your new foundation of happiness, and a lifetime of laughter and joy.

'The Happy Retreat' is designed to reignite our fundamental desire to seek and to find true happiness and meaning in life. 

Grail Springs will provide an inspirational environment for this theme week which will be led by a team of coaches, trainers, healers and facilitators. Isn't it time to open up that new door to a happy heart and mind which has been waiting for you?! 

  1. Welcome to Grail Springs

    Welcome to Grail Springs

    The 7 Key Essentials to Optimal Wellbeing

    A warm welcome greets you following your arrival and getting settled in. Join us after dinner in the beautiful Great Hall for an introduction to the Grail Springs 7 Key Essentials to Holistic Wellbeing. Let's set your goals and start your journey towards a healthy, happiness and longevity.

  2. Happy Home Happy Life

    Happy Home Happy Life

    Madeleine Marentette

    With a background in architectural and interior Madeleine will share with you her step-by-step process to make any home or office a sacred and thriving space that adds to your life.

  3. Film Documentary Presentation

    Film Documentary Presentation


    HAPPY combines powerful human stories from around the world with cutting edge science to give us a deeper understanding of our most valued emotion.

  4. Chakra Balancing Music Meditation

    Chakra Balancing Music Meditation

    Feel the benefits from the power of a music meditation

    Come and relax in the candle lit great hall for a special musical journey. Close your eyes and allow your mind to let go leaving your body and heart to connect with the seven rhythmic songs designed to resonate with our seven chakras. This along with saging and the blending of seven live instruments you will feel and benefit from the power of music for deep meditation.

  5. Creative Ripples

    Creative Ripples

    An Expressive Arts Experience on Life

    Through meaningful reflection we embark on a discussion which enlists intuition and imagination. Opening the door to Self through creative journaling and imagery can provide lasting shifts in our awareness as well as those things we wish to see changed in our life. Like ripples on water, this exploration will promote depth and breadth, supporting your retreat experience.

  6. Silent Meditation Practice

    Silent Meditation Practice

    Contemplative Meditation Exercise

    Each Wednesday afternoon, whether enjoying a spa therapy, walking our sacred Labyrinth or canoeing on the lake, we encourage participants to take this time to practice an hour or two of silence. Through self-observation we build a greater awareness of the connection between our thoughts and feelings. We can gain clarity, peace of mind and intuitive perceptiveness.

  7. The Art of Feeling Free

    The Art of Feeling Free

    Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Meditation

    Special evening meditation sound journey facilitated by Laura Milcawich who will guide you through a meditation to reclaim your inner sense of freedom and happiness.

  8. Taking Home The Grail

    Taking Home The Grail

    Supportive discussion on how to make changes once home

    As part of your fresh start learn how to embark on a your new lifestyle choices that nourishes your health, accelerates healing and provides optimal wellbeing. Invite in new perspectives that support your body's wisdom and your greatest potential.

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