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Fresh Start Week

Included with all retreat packages

During this week, retreat goers will learn about and immerse themselves in the Grail Springs 7 Essential Keys Philosophy, with informative evening discussions and workshops to inspire new beginnings. Arrive home with a revived self-confidence and new tools to continue on and ensure a fresh start.

Make room for the new and Be Well.

Changing anything in life takes intention, will, focus, and a fresh perspective.  It is key, that when you know you need to make a shift in your life, a change in the environment can help immensely where new ideas can take root, grow and become a solid foundation for the future. Grail Springs staff's mission is to provide that very environment where individuals can make a fresh start and transform their life.

"Everyone at Grail Springs was a very important part of my journey. A heartfelt thank you for the fresh start I was seeking." ~ Catherine M

Take part in evening workshops designed for this theme week:​

  1. Welcome to Grail Springs

    Welcome to Grail Springs

    The 7 Key Essentials to Optimal Wellbeing

    A warm welcome greets you following your arrival and getting settled in. Join us after dinner in the beautiful Great Hall for an introduction to the Grail Springs 7 Key Essentials to Holistic Wellbeing. Let's set your goals and start your journey towards a healthy, happiness and longevity.

  2. You Can Heal Your Life

    You Can Heal Your Life

    Film Presentation

    Whether you are going through emotional, mental or physical challenges in your life, there is very often a connection between one or all of them. This film describes the holistic approach to healing our lives by understanding the connection between our mind, heart and body in order to empower our selves and heal our life.

  3. Before & After

    Before & After

    See your before and after photo of your vital-energy body!

    Any guest who is staying 5-nights or more will receive a personal consultation upon arrival and also at departure with one of our wellness coaches. We'll take a snapshot of your bio-energy, give feedback and recommendations to improve your core energy, the necessary foundation for healthy cells, mind, and spirit!

  4. Silent Meditation Practice

    Silent Meditation Practice

    Contemplative Meditation Exercise

    Each Wednesday afternoon, whether enjoying a spa therapy, walking our sacred Labyrinth or canoeing on the lake, we encourage participants to take this time to practice an hour or two of silence. Through self-observation we build a greater awareness of the connection between our thoughts and feelings. We can gain clarity, peace of mind and intuitive perceptiveness.

  5. Embrace the New

    Embrace the New

    Surrender the Old

    Relax and enjoy a guided meditation to embrace our life lessons and feel empowered from all that has been experienced in our lives, both positive and challenging. In each moment we have the opportunity to release anything that no longer serves us and be renewed.

  6. Taking Home The Grail

    Taking Home The Grail

    Supportive discussion on how to make changes once home

    As part of your fresh start learn how to embark on a your new lifestyle choices that nourishes your health, accelerates healing and provides optimal wellbeing. Invite in new perspectives that support your body's wisdom and your greatest potential.

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