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Follow Your Bliss

Included with all retreat packages

Dates: Feb 25th to Mar 2nd  •  Mar 25th to 30th  •  Apr 22nd to 27th  •  May 27th to Jun 1st  •  Jun 24th to 29th  •  Jul 22nd to 27th  •  Aug 26th to 31st

We've all heard the words 'follow your bliss' many times throughout our life but where did they originate? The man who said these words that may be the best advice ever given, is Joseph Campbell, an American mythologist. 

'Follow Your Bliss' will motivate you to the best you've ever felt about your passion and your purpose in life.

Travel through an enlightening process of self-discovery and fulfillment, which Joseph Campbell calls 'The Hero's Journey'. This special theme week is designed to remind you of what you were born to do, and reconnect with the true meaning of life. We provide a beautiful environment as we walk ourselves towards a life fully realized,  and learn to 'follow our bliss' from this day forward.

Take part in evening talks and workshops designed for this theme week:

  1. Welcome to Grail Springs

    Welcome to Grail Springs

    The 7 Key Essentials to Optimal Wellbeing

    A warm welcome greets you following your arrival and getting settled in. Join us after dinner in the beautiful Great Hall for an introduction to the Grail Springs 7 Key Essentials to Holistic Wellbeing. Let's set your goals and start your journey towards a healthy, happiness and longevity.

  2. Finding Joe: The Hero's Journey

    Finding Joe: The Hero's Journey

    Film Presentation

    Each evening at 8:45pm following the guest presentation, participants are invited to watch a special film documentary specifically related to the weeks theme. Finding Joe tells the story of each of our journey through life from leaving home, our trials and tribulations, to triumph. Inspirational, uplifting, positive and enlightening.

  3. Before & After

    Before & After

    See your before and after photo of your vital-energy body!

    Any guest who is staying 5-nights or more will receive a personal consultation upon arrival and also at departure with one of our wellness coaches. We'll take a snapshot of your bio-energy, give feedback and recommendations to improve your core energy, the necessary foundation for healthy cells, mind, and spirit!

  4. Blissful Health, Blissful Living

    Blissful Health, Blissful Living

    Learn How to Thrive in all aspects of your life!

    Seize your highest life potential by experiencing the best of your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Learn what it takes to make your mind and body thrive through proper nourishment and lifestyle habits.

  5. Creative Ripples

    Creative Ripples

    An Expressive Arts Experience on Life

    Through meaningful reflection we embark on a discussion which enlists intuition and imagination. Opening the door to Self through creative journaling and imagery can provide lasting shifts in our awareness as well as those things we wish to see changed in our life. Like ripples on water, this exploration will promote depth and breadth, supporting your retreat experience.

  6. Silent Meditation Practice

    Silent Meditation Practice

    Contemplative Meditation Exercise

    Each Wednesday afternoon, whether enjoying a spa therapy, walking our sacred Labyrinth or canoeing on the lake, we encourage participants to take this time to practice an hour or two of silence. Through self-observation we build a greater awareness of the connection between our thoughts and feelings. We can gain clarity, peace of mind and intuitive perceptiveness.

  7. Rediscovering Your Passion

    Rediscovering Your Passion

    Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation

    This evening meditation focuses on hidden gifts, loves and rediscovering your life purpose. Learn what is at the centre of your heart and how to cultivate your dreams, power, and bring it to life.

  8. All Doors are Open

    All Doors are Open

    Follow Your Bliss

    Our lives offer us many opportunities to open up to something new; new passions, new choices, new chapters with vistas of beauty, health and curiosity. Join us on Thursday evening for a conversation about new ideas and doors that have opened for you during this week and how to take the next steps forward following your Bliss!

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Dates: Feb 25th to Mar 2nd  •  Mar 25th to 30th  •  Apr 22nd to 27th  •  May 27th to Jun 1st  •  Jun 24th to 29th  •  Jul 22nd to 27th  •  Aug 26th to 31st