Scrubs & Polishes

Preparing the skin for detoxification, remove dead skin cells, open pores, breathe

Canadian Pacific Sea Salt & Kelp Scrub
– skin renewal, activate lymphatic, deep hydration, firming

A unique blend of pure essential oils and oceanic elements. A gentle exfoliating salt scrub created with fresh wild organic seaweed promotes removal of dead skins cells, impurities, toxins, improves circulation and leaves the body nutrient replenished. This essential cleansing therapy breathes new life into our skin, and prepares our vessel for what is next to come. Following a warm shower you will enjoy a light effleurage massage with skin firming seaweed lotion. Your skin will feel soft, young and hydrated. (do not shave 24 hrs prior to)
40 min $80

Lymphatic Dry Brush Session with Instruction

Exfoliation of the skin is the first key component to detoxification and building a good foundation for health rejuvenation. This skin-brushing system is a method designed to cleanse the blood, activate lymph flow, and stimulate the bio~energy or Chi meridians while simultaneously improving the skin's health and beauty. This 20-minute body dry brushing treatment not only gets a feels great top rating from guests, and is powerfully purposeful in achieving our optimum health and vitality goals. Each guest will receive a skin-brush to take home. See our article on the Lymphatic System.
20 min $40, with take home dry brush $60

Mineral-rich Austrian Moor Cleansing Polish & Vitamin Lotion

- skin renewal, activate lymphatic, deep hydration, energizing

Potent Austrian Moor is blended in moisturizing base of willow extract & aloe vera, lavender and rosehip essential oils, combined with mineral-rich Himalayan Crystal Salt. This detoxifying and revitalizing treatment stimulates circulation, hydrates the skin, increases moisture retention, promotes cellular regeneration, and helps heal dry, scaling, irritated skin. After a warm shower, finish this remineralizing treatment with a light effleurage massage with nourishing lotion of Vitamins A & E, Wild Yam, Arnica and Chamomile extracts and organically rich Austrian Moor water. Excellent treatment to begin any detox body cleanse. (refrain from shaving 24 hrs prior to treatment)
40 min $80

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