Massage & Stress Relief

Massage is the oldest form of health care documented by ancient Egypt – 4000 BC and one of the principal methods of relieving pain by Greek and Roman physicians. Hippocrates, father of Western medicine instructed his fellow doctors on how to apply massage to their patients to release pain and other ailments.

Back, Neck & Shoulder

This massage is designed for the individual needing immediate relief from tired aching muscles, knots, daily stresses or headaches.
30 min $80

Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage

Good for relaxing, rejuvenating the skin, energization or pain relief.    This massage incorporates the healing power of essential oils. Guests can choose from a number of different blends that address different outcomes; calm and relaxation, pain relief and grounding, energy and rejuvenation, and one for healthy skin and collagen production. This treatment is not a deep tissue pain management massage. It is about helping one to relax so the body is able receive the healing power of the oils.
60 min $135

Personalized Therapeutic Massage with RMT - unavailable until further notice

Ideal for athletes and others who place strenuous demands on their bodies . A deep tissue massage can be customized to target problem areas, ease stress and muscle pain, and increase circulation. Receipt provided for insurance purposes.
60 min $145, 80 min $190

Holistic Relaxation Massage

Full body relaxation massage performed by skilled holistic body therapists and designed to induce calm, balance and promote a general sense of wellbeing and relaxation.
60 min $125

Hot Stone Massage

Journey into a deep state of relaxation with an ancient art of massage. Using smooth, heated river stones in combination with aromatherapy essential oils and various massage techniques, the effect is a very soothing treatment, relaxing the body and mind at its deepest level.
60 min $150

Integrative Massage Therapy - available Mondays and Tuesdays

This treatment offers a possible combination of several modalities including massage, Bio-Feedback, acupressure and energy balancing.  The therapy focuses on the needs of the specific individual with the intention of releasing stress and tension from the entire system.
60 min $140, 80 min $175

Pain Relief Therapy - available Mondays and Tuesdays

If one suffers from specific localized pain or tension, whether involving the neck, back or joint, this treatment focuses on the relief of same.  This is accomplished employing a combination of Bio-Feedback and massage and can be very effective, even for chronic conditions.
60 min $140, 80 min $175

Swedish Kinetic Massage - available Mondays and Tuesdays

A traditional and deeply relaxing massage, Swedish Kinetic involves the entire muscle, working from tendon to tendon, resulting in a re-aligning of muscle fibers and releasing of tension.
60 min $140

Shiatsu - wear loose clothing

In this style of shiatsu the receiver lies on a shiatsu mat on the floor and the practitioner applies comfortable holding pressure using their palms, thumbs, elbows and knees on the acupuncture points along the meridians of the body.  The meridians are likened to rivers of energy and can become deficient or blocked by mental/emotional or physical stress. Manual pressure unblocks stagnation creating balance and free flow within the body and mind.
60 min $140, 80 min $175

Thai Yoga Massage - wear loose clothing

Good for chronic and acute pain relief, releasing tension, unblocking stuck emotions and energy.  Excellent for those on the detox program.  For folks who are looking an alternative to the deep tissue massage from an RMT or for a more therapeutic treatment. Can be applied to suit both light or deep manipulation depending on needs. This modality integrates yogic stretches and pressure along the meridians of energy throughout the body. Can be deeply meditative and restorative, balancing the feminine and masculine energies and bringing mental, emotional and spiritual clarity. Releases toxins from tissues, emotions stored at the cellular level, and blocked energy, relieving fatigue, tension and chronic pain. A treatment can be as gentle or as deep as the client desires and is a passive experience. Performed fully clothed on a mat on the floor.
60 min $140, 80 min $175

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