Foot treatments

“No one regards what is before his feet. We instead gaze at the stars.” – Quintus Ennius


Soothing Foot Soak & Stress Relieving Massage

Designed to cool, lighten and invigorate tired, heavy legs. Excellent treatment for chronic venous-insufficiency. The feet are immersed into an aromatherapy footbath with mineral-rich moor followed by an exfoliation of the feet, lower leg and finished with a relieving massage using both moisturizing and cooling lotions.

Ion-Cleanse Detox Foot Bath with Oxygen Inhalation Therapy 

Activates and stimulates the entire body to help remove toxins, fungus and bacteria. Reduces acidosis throughout the body allowing it to regain a natural pH balance. People with sleeping problems have reported having restful nights. Those with pain may get relief and increased energy. The complex energy fields of the unit permeate the water, realigning a body’s energy field and rid the body of toxic build up. A series of two or three treatments taken every other day is optimum. May not be performed on pregnant women, persons with metal plating or heart stints.

Interesting Fact

Ancient scripture tells us in several places that foot–washing was a symbol of service to another, the act, meant to invoke a state of humility for both individuals. This practice appears to be found in the hospitality practices of ancient civilizations. The host of the inn or tavern would provide a bowl of clean water for visitors to wash the dust off their sandy feet as most were wearing sandals and had travelled a long way by foot.

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