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Partnered with the best organic, eco-conscious skin care and body line in the world; Austrian Moor.
Note - facials do not include extractions. We allow nature's medicine to gently exfoliate
so there is no risk of scarring delicate skin tissue.


Anti-Aging Oxygen Facial Treatment – Hollywood favourite

A favorite of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities such a Jennifer Lopez and Madonna, potent serums containing vitamins and antioxidants dramatically lift, tone and hydrate the skin. Results are not only instant but continue to improve in the following days. Excellent for aging, tired, dry skin and a powerful boost to achieving a youthful appearance of fresh, hydrated skin
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Anti-Aging Oxygen Facial Treatment - with Booster

An add-on to the Oxygen Treatment, the Atoxelene Treatment is made up of natural amino acids which instantly firms, lifts and plumps your skin for more dramatic results. Ideal for fine lines, wrinkles, expression lines, premature aging.

Austrian Moor Detoxifying Facial

From the most famous spa region in the world, we bring you the authentic Austrian Moor Facial. Your skin will be detoxified, purified, toned and revitalized by organic active ingredients. Customized for every skin type, the effect will deeply nourish the skin and pores, soften wrinkles, restore pH balance, and rejuvenate the complexion with a heightened firmness, texture and freshness. An abundance of natural essential oils are synergized within the famous Moor.

Austrian Moor Vitamin C Nourishing Facial – reduces fine lines

An intensive treatment specially created for mature, environmentally challenged skin. Combines a rich form of Vitamin C and enzymes used to exfoliate and stimulate cell renewal. Powerful, hydrating anti-oxidants shown to reduce fine lines and wrinkles work together to reduce the impact of environmental damage, tiredness and natural aging. 

Colour Light Therapy with Austrian Moor Facial

Colour Light Therapy for the face is a unique treatment which harmonizes and restores the bioenergy and internal colour equilibrium (Yin and Yang energy). It is a combination of various sciences - utilizing colour light therapy and the stimulation of reflex zones to support the body's internal mechanisms, amplifying healing, cell repair and anti-aging effects. Colour massage of the facial reflex zones create a more relaxed and clear complexion, and the 100% Natural Source Moor Spa products leave skin fresher and younger looking with a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Calms the mind and promotes deep relaxation. 

Gentleman's Clarifying Facial – combination skin

Our gentleman’s deeply cleansing and hydrating facial employs White Willow Bark Extract, to exfoliate and purify the skin and de-congest pores. Sun dried green and white clays help control excessive oil production and remove clogging impurities from skin.  Organic Licorice Extract calms and soothes skin and helps balance uneven pigmentation.  Perfect for a man’s skin, this facial provides the full spectrum of skin benefits as nature intended.

Essential Oil Scalp Massage & Hair Treatment – for healthy hair and hair growth

A gentle hair and scalp massage with aromatic organic essential oils that has been infused with the healing rays of the moon. Helps to improve circulation and delivery nutrition and strength to the hair and scalp. As well as receiving a scalp massage, the soft tissues of the neck and shoulders are gently mobilized and stretched, helping to ease tension and restore joint movement. Continued take-home product available.

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