Energy Regeneration & Healing

"Self-care is not about self-indulgence, it's about self-preservation." – Audrey Lorde

Axiatonal Alignment

Using a hands on healing tool working with the Meridians of the body and the Earth, this treatment flushes the energetic system, balances the left and right sides of the brain and body, and strengthens your connection to the Earth energies while attuning you to higher levels of  consciousness.  This treatment is great for those working on expanding their higher Chakras while remaining grounded and centred.

Colour Therapy Bath with Essential Oils & Reiki

Colour has been scientifically proven to influence a person’s mood and in turn can assist in one’s healing process. Our colour bath pigments are natural and vibrant, specifically chosen to enliven or calm a particular chakra energy centre that is off balance. Along with colour healing, therapeutic Dead Sea salts and correlating pure essential oils are added to the bath. Relax and recharge in a colour bath experience in our pure alkaline waters, followed by a chakra balancing session with your Reiki practitioner. This is a powerful, life giving treatment unique to Grail Springs. Take home colour bath system available. 

Crystal Light Bed Healing Therapy

With special permission from Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil, the healing centre for John of God, Grail Springs Retreat is now home to The Crystal Light Bed Healing Therapy Treatment. Seven special quartz crystals suspended over a table, align with and correspond to the seven major energy centres or chakras of the human body. These specially cut crystals in combination with colour and light, balance the chakras and energy field on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Read more about the John of God Crystal Light Bed Healing Therapy

Elemental Alchemy

This is a sacred ceremony calling in the Elements.  Through this alchemical process the body Temple is reset and balanced with the pure energies of the building blocks of Creation.  This treatment can help an individual through emotional releases and letting go of anything that no longer serves you in your life today and into the future.

MAS Healing Mat with Oxygen Inhalation Therapy

This system was featured on Dr. Oz, and involves the stimulation of our body’s cells using variable frequencies and waveforms to promote a natural detox and healing process. The field prepares your body to relax and sleep. When the pulsation is set from 8 to 14 Hertz, it encourages a deep feeling of wellbeing. Higher frequencies can reduce inflammation and pain.  It is recommended to book 30 minutes in the infrared sauna following for optimal results. Read on about MAS Healing Mat featured on Dr. Oz

Pain Relief Therapy - available Mondays and Tuesdays 

If one suffers from specific localized pain or tension, whether involving the neck, back or joint, this treatment focuses on the relief of same.  This is accomplished employing a combination of Bio-Feedback and massage and can be very effective, even for chronic conditions.

Raindrop Therapy

This powerful aromatherapy and massage technique was developed by Dr. Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils. A series of 9 essential oils is applied on the spine. The oils are gently dispersed into nervous system using light, gentle strokes. A variety of massage movements are performed on your back to further aid the dispersing of the oils. Hot, moist towels are placed on you to further the absorption and relaxation affects of the oils. This unique therapeutic technique supports elimination of toxins, balances body’s energy, boosts immune system, supports healing of back injuries, swelling and pain, aids in straightening spinal curvatures, relaxes and releases stress.


Reiki is a relaxing meditative therapy based on ancient ‘laying on of hands’ to balance and nourish your vital life force energy for highest level of health, wellbeing and peace of mind. About Chakra Health

Sacred Journey of the Heart

Allow your heart to open and release its burdens while welcoming in the energy of unconditional love on this full sensory journey of healing and renewal. Begin your experience with a soothing colour therapy bath infused with special healing herbs, sea salts and essential oils, specifically designed to balance the heart chakra and melt away tension and inflammation in the body caused by stress. After drying off, receive a gentle neck and shoulder massage with a restorative tension-releasing lotion, and breathe in the invigorating aromas as you continue to receive a deep healing through the gentle sound of chimes and a Reiki treatment to embrace the hidden treasures of the heart.

Shiatsu – loose clothing required

In this style of shiatsu the receiver lies on a shiatsu mat on the floor and the practitioner applies comfortable holding pressure using their palms, thumbs, elbows and knees on the acupuncture points along the meridians of the body.  The meridians are likened to rivers of energy and can become deficient or blocked by mental/emotional or physical stress. Manual pressure unblocks stagnation creating balance and free flow within the body and mind.

Thai Yoga Massage – loose clothing required

This modality integrates light to deep yogic stretches and pressure along the meridians of energy throughout the body. Can be deeply meditative and restorative, balancing the feminine and masculine energies and bringing mental, emotional and spiritual clarity. Releases toxins from tissues, emotions stored at the cellular level, and blocked energy, relieving fatigue, tension and chronic pain. A treatment can be as gentle or as deep as the client desires and is a passive experience. Performed fully clothed on a mat on the floor.

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