Detoxifying & Healing Baths

We have gathered curative therapies spanning four continents and thousands of years in practice,
from the rituals of the Celtics Druids and Romans, to France and the Austrian valleys.
Experience healing powers of these treatments and our spring-fed waters.


Austrian Moor Detox Bath with Soothing Balms - available with add-on mud mask

detox, joint pain, inflammation

Healing stories of injured Roman soldiers, animals and even Napoleon, circle around the ancient moor valleys of Austria. Our imported Austrian Moor is renowned for the healing effects and its natural therapy for detoxifying and re-mineralizing the body. Producing great results for the treatment of arthritis, chronic skin conditions, cellulite and stomach ailments, soaking in the moor waters allows the skin to easily absorb the hundreds of trace elements and minerals contained within this magical compound. A 15-minute soak in the moor jetted waters is followed by a light massage with moor lotion, tension and joint balms where needed.

‘Immerse Thyself in the Healing Powers of Water, Mud and Sea,
Mother Nature's Medicine.'

Canadian Seaweed Rejuvenating Bath

detox, toning and cellulite reduction

Life-changing is how some people have described this experience. The union of three therapies, aromatherapy, balneotherapy and thalassotherapy, makes our seaweed bath a very powerful treatment. We are so pleased to present you with this precious organic seaweed hand harvested from the British Columbia coast of Canada. A strong thyroid tonic, immune fortifying and anti-viral composite, you will feel the immediate effects of this finely powdered Laminaria as it calls upon the powers of the water carrier to start your cleansing process. 15 minute bath is followed by light mini-massage with firming seaweed lotion, also effective to smooth appearance of cellulite.
45 min $120

Colour Energy Bath with Essential Oils & Reiki

soothing irritated skin, stress and healing

Colour has been scientifically proven to influence a person’s mood and in turn can assist in one’s healing process. Our colour bath pigments are natural and vibrant, specifically chosen to enliven or calm a particular chakra energy centre that is off balance. Along with colour healing, therapeutic Dead Sea salts and correlating pure essential oils are added to the bath. Relax and recharge in a colour bath experience in our pure alkaline waters, followed by a chakra balancing session with your Reiki practitioner. This is a powerful, life giving treatment unique to Grail Springs. Take home colour bath system available.
55 mins $140

“Water...the Sacred Well of Life”

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