What is colon hydrotherapy?

Colon Hydrotherapy is a gentle internal bath that helps deep cleanse the colon of toxins thereby  [image] encouraging the entire body to detoxify and return to a more normal, healthy state of well-being. During the treatment 15 to 30 gallons of water flow through the colon using a disposable speculum (water tube and an evacuation tube) that is inserted in the rectum. The Colonic Instrument provides purified water that flows into the colon via the small water tube and leaves the colon through the larger evacuation tube carrying out excess impacted fecal matter, gas, mucus and parasites directly to the sanitary sewer system. There is no odor or health risk involved in the colonic procedure when performed properly by a trained practitioner.

60 min $145, series of three $405

Why clean the colon?

Colon Hydrotherapy is a valuable procedure used to assist the body with the reversal of a multitude of health conditions, resulting from improper diet and years of poor elimination. The latest estimates show that over 90% of diseases in North America are directly or indirectly attributable to an unhealthy colon. Health problems like headaches, skin blemishes, bad breath, fatigue, arthritis and heart disease are all linked to a congested colon. When colon health is compromised, waste backs up, becomes toxic, and releases the toxins through the bowel walls into the bloodstream. Cleansing the colon lightens the toxic load on every part of your body.

Benefits of a Session

Colon Hydrotherapy sessions can be used to reinvigorate the bowel to function normally and to bring balance to the Immune System. After the Colonic you may experience renewed energy, mental clarity and a strong sense of well being. Clearer skin, healthier hair, reduced bloating, improved digesting are many of the noticeable differences within weeks or days of a colonic treatment.


The contraindications of colon hydrotherapy include divirticulitis, colitis, Crohn's disease, sever hemorroides or tumour in the rectum or large intensine.

Add a Colon Hydrotherapy Session

(Colonic Irrigation) to your program while at Grail Springs to fast track your weight loss and body cleanse experience. Grail Springs brings a new and fresh approach to the ancient practice of colon hydrotherapy. We merge this natural and beneficial approach to body cleansing and detoxifying with the most advanced technology and the best possible advice, all in an environment which is safe and relaxing. During your visit you will be warmly welcomed and assisted by one of our certified therapists. They will provide you with a secure, comfortable and soothing surrounding where you can relax and unwind. Using abdominal massage and relaxation techniques they will optimize your experience and nurture your body, mind and spirit. Some of the immediate benefits you may see from a colonic treatment is clearer skin, reduced bloating, helps with digestion and elimination. (Grail Springs uses the state of the art Aquanet EC-2000, FDA registered equipment, also approved by CSA and CE to the latest medical standards.)

Pre-Colonic Diet:

For 3 to 5 days prior to colonics eat light foods, avoid red meats altogether and cut down on sweets and baked goods.


Enzymes and Probiotics – It is ideal if you can take 2 to 3 capsules a day of probiotics and enzymes prior to arrival.

While you are at Grail Springs:

You will receive an Austrain moor mud elixir drink each morning at breakfast to supply your body with trace minerals. This is also available in our boutique for you to take home and continue for one month following your visit. You will also receive a pack of enzyme/probiotic capsules in your welcome kit if you are on detox program.

Post-Colonic Diet:

If you are heading home right after a colonics treatment follow these instructions:
Do Not Eat – red meat, fried foods or sweets
Do Eat – cooked grains, steamed vegetables, soups, vegetable juices and sprouts. You can begin taking a daily fibre cleansing drink first thing in the morning like our Raw Meal Smoothie drink, with green superfood powders and mix into a non-citrus juice or water. It is also good to add flaxseed oil to your drinks.

Best Juices: carrot, spinach, aloe, beet and watermelon
Best Fruits: avocado, papaya, mango and pineapple
Best Toxin-absorbing Foods: beet, watermelon, apple (sauce) and red grape juice

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