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  1. Sacred Heart Sharing Circle - NEW!

    60 min $95 pp, Wednesdays & Saturdays 1pm starts Dec 3

    We hold sacred space together, posing a question and an opportunity to listen with compassion, to speak with intention and no judgement. A powerful participatory practice releasing the heart, expanding our empathy, and integrating all we have learned while at Grail Springs. Let your heart shimmer!

  2. Foods That Heal ~ Mind-Body Enrichment Workshop ~ with Ivan Dellalov and Ece Savas

    90 min $95 pp, see 2023 calendar for dates and time

    Join Ivan and Ece for this life-altering workshop. They will share the healing benefits of a wholefood plant-based diet, scientifically proven to reverse obesity, type-two diabetes, heart disease and depression! Bring beautiful foods in to your life to support mental, physical and emotional health. 

  3. Sounds That Heal ~ Immersive Workshop with Tanya Mahar

    90 min $95 pp, see 2023 calendar for dates and times

    Tanya, a certified Sound Healing Practitioner, will share the extraordinary ways sound can open us to our deepest states of being, but most importantly offer a direct experience through a variety of healing vibrations. An intimate, shared, and personalized experience limited to 11 persons.

  4. Navigating the Four Bodies of Self ~ with Laura White

    75 min $95 pp, see 2023 calendar for dates and times

    There is a magnificent intelligence at work within our body!  Through awareness techniques, simple daily check-ins, and some fun self-discovery, you can learn how to tap in, translate, and care for this complex guidance system to optimize your well-being on all levels.  In understanding and regulating the mind, body, Spirit, and emotions we can enter a flow-state that is truly transformational.  Our natural state is well-being and it is quite obvious when we are out of alignment, but how do we course-correct? What is our guidance system trying to tell us?  Find out in this playful and insightful workshop with Laura White, Spiritual Coach and Transformation Assistant.

  5. Reverse Aging ~ with Grail Springs Founder Madeleine Marentette

    2 hours ~ $95 pp, see 2023 calendar for dates and times

    Learn how to live better, longer and younger.  Madeleine shares the latest, most exciting research data on how to reverse your biological age. Create a personalized path with guidance and goals to slow the aging process, increase vitality and longevity. Includes take-home guide. 

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