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  1. Austrian Moor Mud Detox Bath - reduce pain & inflammation, nourishment

    45 min $125

    Renowned for its natural therapy for detoxifying and re-mineralizing the body as well as for treatment of arthritis, chronic skin conditions, cellulite and stomach ailments. Soaking in the moor allows the skin to absorb hundreds of trace elements and minerals contained within the moor. 15-minute soak is followed by a light massage with moor lotion, tension and joint balms.

  2. Canadian Pacific Seaweed Bath - detoxifying, immune-boosting, firming

    45 min $125

    The combination of aromatherapy, balneotherapy and thalassotherapy, makes a strong thyroid tonic, immune fortifying and anti-viral composite.  Feel the immediate effects of the Laminaria as it calls upon the powers of the water carrier to start your cleansing process. 15 minute bath is followed by light mini-massage with firming seaweed lotion, also effective to smooth appearance of cellulite.

  3. Coconut Milk Bath Body Ritual - skin renewal & nourishment

    55 min $145

    A three-step treatment begins with a raw sugar cane scrub combined with organic fruits, melting away layers of old skin cells. Promotes circulation while infusing deep hydration and nutrition into the skin. Sink into a luxurious coconut milk bath rich in skin-loving fatty acids, leaving skin soft and smooth. A gentle massage follows with a vitamin-rich blend of seabuckthorn, apricot kernel, grapeseed and jojoba oil to nourish and protect the new layers of skin. 

  4. Colour Energy Bath with Reiki Session - chakra balancing, personalized

    55 min $160

    Colour has been scientifically proven to influence a person’s mood and in turn can assist in one’s healing process. Our colour bath pigments are natural and vibrant, specifically chosen to enliven or calm a particular chakra energy centre. Along with colour healing, therapeutic Dead Sea salts and correlating pure essential oils are added to the bath. Relax and recharge in our alkaline waters, followed by a chakra balancing session with your Reiki practitioner. 

  5. Grail Alchemy Sensory Bath Ritual - stress-relieving, detoxifying, meditative

    65 min $165

    A meditative and releasing, sensory-journey connecting and awakening us to our higher counterpart. This is a uniquely guided experience using the five-senses, combining the attributes of touch, smell, vision, taste, and sound. Beginning with an aroma-sensory journey you will choose the essential oil blend that calls to you. Followed by a velvety pumice scrub your skin will become renewed and ready for the aroma-hydrotherapy detoxifying bath drawn for you. Sink in, close your eyes, and let go. Use this time for a 10-minute meditation while savoring a delicious morsel of handcrafted chocolate sure to delight your taste buds. Once dried off your therapist will have you return to the massage table for an aromatherapy hydrating lotion application, while also releasing any remaining tension in your back, neck or shoulders with a tension balm. Finally, the crowning part to complete your session is a combined Reiki treatment with an angelic sound journey. Divinely inspired alchemy for the soul.

  6. Sacred Journey of the Heart - emotional healing, energy balancing

    55 mins $155

    Allow your heart to open and release its burdens on this full sensory journey of healing and renewal. Begin with a soothing colour therapy bath infused with special healing herbs, sea salts and essential oils designed to balance the heart chakra, melt away tension and inflammation. Following, receive a gentle neck and shoulder massage with a tension-releasing lotion, and breathe in the invigorating aromas as you relax to the gentle sound of chimes and Reiki treatment.

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