Shirodhara & Ayurveda Massage

A combination of Ayurvedic massage (abhyanga), steam therapy (swedana) and Shirodhara is a traditional ayurvedic detoxification program.  The light lymphatic massage with warm sesame oil using rhythmical stroke and circular motions is followed by a steam treatment (swedna).  The steam which is applied to the entire body opens the channels to move toxins where they can be eliminated while keeping the head cool.   Warm, wet towels are applied after the steam leaving a thin layer of oil for further penetration.  During the Shirodhara (sanskrit word meaning 'head' and 'flow'), you will experience a continuous flow of warm oil in a pattern over the forehead or “third eye”.  This is a profoundly relaxing experience, assisting you in awakening your body’s intuitive knowledge, decreasing anxiety and improving mental focus by calming the nervous system.

80 minutes $225