Daytime Workshops Available each week ~ pre-register

SOULSHOPS have been designed for those who desire to learn, discover and uncover hidden aspects within themselves through interactive discussions, inner reflective exercises and creativity. Participants will benefit from these joyfully led workshops, spaces in which to relax, open your heart and mind, deepen your relationship with self and the healing power of nature by connecting and igniting untapped creativity, intuition and imagination.

Register for a SOULSHOP with guest services with 24 hour advance notice. 

Animal Quest Drum Journey ~ Henry Melissa Gordon

Tuesdays 4:30-6pm, $55

This shamanic drum journey invites you to hear the deep wisdom of your spirit and experience the healing gifts of the natural world. The powerful beat of the drum helps direct your quest to find an animal guide that will act as an ally as you expand into life.



Inner Galaxies - Live Music Meditation with Kamal Verita

Saturdays 3pm and 4:50pm, $40

A journey where we begin by learning about the concept of meditation and how to apply the power of mindfulness in our daily life. Meditation allows us to create fresh realities based on clarity, calm and staying in the present. Kamal will share easy methods and priniciples for you to master your mind, and follow with a soulful guided meditaiton accomplaned by live Mystic Piano music.

Spiritual Enrichment Series ~ Four 1-hour workshops with Laura Milcawich & Mychaila Sutherland

Each Week Tuesday to Friday, 11-12pm, $220

Deepen your connection with the inner worlds through discovery and contact with the voice of your sacred soul. Learn to tap in and experience essential spiritual realizations through group discussion, meditations and contemplative excercises. Discover the wise teachings of your own soul.

Equine Meditation Circle ~ MAY TO OCTOBER

Every Wednesday & Saturday 3pm, $65

Join our meditation circle with horses and facilitators. Just like service dogs, horses have a therapeutic affect on the human condition. This practice has become a global movement, bringing us together in peace, harmony and healing with our animal companions. May to Oct, weather permitting. 

Forest Healing ~ MAY TO OCTOBER

Every other Tuesday 4:30-6pm, $55

In the forest you will meet the many reflections of who you are, as every life form reflects every other life form, and all originate from the same source. Look through fresh eyes at the trees, hear their voices and experience their beauty, wisdom and healing gifts.