This venue and all it contains was more peaceful and inspiring the I could have imagined. Amanda started things off on a positive note when we arrived. Fire Ceremony with Laura was meaningful and guided with love. Laura is enchanting and fully engaged. Elizabeth was amazing with her magic treatments. The serving staff and food was the icing on this delicious cake!! If you weren’t in this gratitude list it is really because we weren’t blessed to meet you! ~ Michelle+Julie, June 2024


I am so grateful to Madeleine and her amazing team at The Grail. From start to finish my stays have been uplifting, empowering, connective, recharging and inspiring. This holy place has been a sacred sanctuary to me shout-out to Laura, Sandi and Amanda. With great love and gratitude. ~ Karry F, June 2024

This magical place is superb in absolutely EVERY way imaginable. It's clean. It's beautiful. It is serene. The decor and ambiance is soul-touching. The spa facilities top notch. The facilitators are exemplary in their talents and intuitive insights to read exactly what you need. The staff is friendly and welcome you as family. And the food ~ WOW ~ no words can describe the gourmet vegan feasts that are presented. You feel so pampered and special at Grail Springs. This will be my ONLY place to be for restorative body, mind and soul. ~ Patsy S, May 2024

Once again your staff has outdone themselves. Fifth time and teh standards are just as high as the first time I was here. I cannot thank you enough. ~ Sandy C  June 2024

A very special place. My friend and I had the pleasure to stay at Grail Springs for 10 days. 10 days of incredible pampering, enlightenment, spiritual and mental growth, fun, laughter and pure pleasure!! Five stars is not enough of a review for what they have created and offer. Thank you! ~ Anonymous, Dec 2023 

I thank you and your healing sanctuary for filling my cup over and over and over again! You have made such a difference in the lives of so many. Thank you from my heart. ~ Eloise, Dec 2023

This special and profound gift will continue my journey into the luminouse realm of the sacred. This week has been a transformative journey for me. My heart is filled with light and gratitude for the guidance and support received from your wonderful teachers and staff. Grail Spring is truly a magical place. Blessing. ~ Marie L, 2023

My heart is full. I have to leave in a few hours. But this has been the most beautiful experience. Thank you Grail Springs for helping me welcome in 37. The people who work here, the group that has come this weekend, the energy of this place, has rejuvenated my soul. I will be back. I feel so blessed. ~ Krista 2023

I have had the pleasure to stay here and I had a very profound unexpected experience. A beautiful place with wonderful, kind professions. ~ Anonymous 2023

Thank you again ♥ So grateful for the Grail and all it offers. Healing, connection & self- discovery. Until next time ♥  ~ Deborah & Rachel 2023

A much needed break from the life I’m working on. A much needed reminder I can integrate the tools of peace into that, as I am the builder. Thank you for the reminder to live with intention. ~ Denise 2023

The magic of the Grail continues to flow forward and outward. Thank you for welcoming us all the way from South Africa (and Toronto) to share sacred space with you! XO♥ Our ancestors are forever grateful! With love and gratitude. ~ Eloise & Litha 2023

Once discovered, never forgotten. Until next time, dear Grail. Namaste ~ Mary 2023

This was the most incredible way to welcome my 37th year. I have always wanted to visit Grail. And the magic here re-invigorated my soul. Everyone that works here are true gifts. The community of people who I got to share the last two days with were beautiful. My cup is full. Many thanks. ~ Krista 2023

This has been a beautiful weekend, a first step in my healing journey. You have so many amazing people working here who give so much kindness, caring, wisdom and smiles. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this incredible experience. I really hope I can return one day – I am going to work on manifesting this! P.S. I also want a Chef Cody Cookbook – what a treasure you have. He makes me want to switch to plant-based! ~ Jenni 2023

This has been a truly transformative experience. Deeply grateful to the team here for their kindness. I leave feeling lighter and refreshed. I look forward to returning! P.S. I’d like to pre-order 10 copies of Chef Cody’s cookbook! ~ Amanda 2023

So very sad to be leaving tomorrow. This is exactly what I needed. I will be back. Gratitude & appreciation! ETA: I stayed an extra night (obviously love this place!) ~ Sarah 2023

I LOVED my experience, and I bet you knew that already.  I have no idea how you could make it any better!  From people, to food to treatments to common areas to our rooms everything was wonderful. ~ Karen P 2023

I have such gratitude that Grail Springs exists and can be part of my world. Beautiful and talented staff. Very special place. Thank you Madeleine. All the best. ~ Diane, June 2023

The Grail really is my happy place and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to visit often. Thank you for creating this magical place. Until next time, love and hugs. ~ Connie C, March 2023

Thank you for creating such a magical, healing place, my heart feels wide open. All my love. xo ~ Anonymous, January 2023

Once again, thank you deeply for this magical place for healing. Anyone who graces the Grail is truly blessed as am I. Raising the cup well filled to you and the wonderful adventures and gifts. With love and admiration. ~ Leah P, August 2023

Amazing stay! Food was astounding. Yoga and meditation were perfect. Laura is magical with her words. All staff were excellent. ~ Gisele, December 2022

Thank you for an incredible, too short of a stay. It truly made an impact and helped my healing journey. The cacao ceremony was amazing and a must. Darlene and Laura are angels. I can’t say enough about the food and service. Don’t forget to jump in the lake! ~ Robyn, December 2022

Had a wonderfully transformative experience on this sacred property. Full of gratitude and love! Amazing food and staff. 5 stars ***** from me! ~ Anne S, December 2022

I am leaving but not empty… I am full of love, joy, peace, happiness and perspective. This whole place is magically energized. The staff go beyond. I will be back and recommend to everyone I know. Much love to al who enter this space. ~ Krista, December 2022

Thank you for the opportunity to discover and rediscover parts of myself. Thank you for the chance to just ‘BE’. You family is warm and welcoming. Made me feel safe and treasured. A special thank you your chef and the kitchen staff. You have ignited a passion for beautiful and healthy foods that feed the body, soul and mind. We will be making this journey to you many more times the future. Until we meet again. ~ Maya, December 2022

Thank you for an incredible few days – we are blessed.  xo ~ Tao & Carla, November 2022

Thank you Grail Springs Team! You are all amazing. ~ Love Jenna, November 2022

Thank you for providing such healing and nurturing. Our purpose to coming here was to clear our monkey thoughts, relax, eat well and reconnect. We leave now completely complete. Thank you. ~ Chris and Doris, November 2022

Thank you for a magical retreat –  a perfect place to reflect and relax. My cup is more full. Merci. ~ Valerie and Cedrick, November 2022

Chris and Cody make a dream team in the kitchen. Well done! Thank you! ~ Jody, November 2022

Thank you Grail and all of the wonderful staff for creating a healing space that allows us to remember ourselves and come home to the truth of our divinity. I arrived seeing the world in grey tones and now have the rainbow lens back to see all of the magic that exists! ~ Ana, November 2022

Thank you Grail staff and team. Did not know what to expect but found everything I was looking for! Special thanks to Darlene ‘Reiki’, honestly, life-changing for me. ~ Ursula, November 2022

This was my first time here and I absolutely loved it. I cam with my dear friend and we will be back. This is a beautiful location, love the water, the forest and great room. The staff are friendly, kind, helpful. Our room was wonderful, so comfortable. Food was fabulous. Enjoyed the evening workshop with Jason. We both really connected with him and where grateful to have met a beautiful soul. I needed the time and space to get clear, refocus, go inwards and recharge. Just what my soul needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Sending love and light to each of you. ~ Sharon A, October 2022

Thank you and love and light to all who make my Grail Springs experiences nourishing, heart centred and refreshing! ~ Natasha N, October 2022

Thank you Grail for another amazing life-affirming experience. ~ SM, October 2022

A beautiful place that brought me so much clarity on what life can be without the fear and pain that I have carried. Thank you for providing the best enviroment to allow wounds to heal in such a short time. ~ Ruby, October 2022

Beautiful place, beautiful people. Stay blessed! ~ Love Pawein, October 2022

Coming here is always the right choice. ~ M. Sloan, October 2022

Thank you for the beautiful, serene, spiritual space you have created for us to enjoy.  I am forever grateful  for all that is here, the staff, nature, spiritual beings. Thank you! ~ SL, October 2022

Thank you to each and every individual for making this such a life-changing experience for me. I look forward to seeing everyone again. Blessings and light, ~ Shalene, October 2022

Hats off to creating a special and sacred place. Thank you for this much needed experience. ~ M, October 2022

Thank you so much for creating a place like this, where like-minded individuals can come and re-connect with nature and themselves. This place is truly magical. Until next time. ~ Selim, October 2022

I want to again express my gratitude for an enriching experience. Grail Springs provided me with a safe sanctuary to allow myself to find serenity in my heart. I am finding balance again and ready to live each day with joy and harmony. Such a blessing and comfort to know that I have a a place to return to when I need a spiritual recharge. I would also like to acknowledge your staff and commend them for their exemplary dedication in making my stay a memorable one. See you next fall! ~ Kindest regards, Marie L, October 2022

To the Grail Family Thank You! To the beautiful ladies at the front desk, you took care of me and welcomed me into Grail. To the kitchen staff; thank you for nourishing me with such abundance. To everyone who makes Grail run especially the magical fairies who you never see but who always clean our mess! Thank you. And to the beautiful soul who built this dream Heaven on Earth. Thank  you. ~ Anonymous, October 2022

This place is incredible. Beautiful community, beautiful property, beautiful energy! And amazing food. ~ Kayla September 2022

I'll be back. My cup is overflowing! The Grail has become my second home. Thank you for all that you do. ~ Karry, September 2022

Thank you for your hospitality. The experience was amazing and enlightening. Exactly what I needed at this point in my life. The treatments, practices, and meals were spectacular! Thank You ~ Terry O, September 2022

Thank you for having me and allowing me to share this magical experience. Until next time! ~ Brizaida R, September 2022

Loved it...again! The staff and everyone involved are top notch and very caring. Thanks for being you...for ME! ~ Maureen W, September 2022

Grail Springs renews my energy. It is the closest I have experienced to Heaven on Earth. Thank you to the beautiful staff and all who make Grail Springs so Magical! ~ Stacey R, September 2022

Once again I was renewed and rejuvenated after my stay. It was simply awesome from the spa treatments to ALL the staff who are just so gracious and sincere. They make you feel so welcome in every aspect.  I met many more wonderful friends and we plan to keep in touch. On my last day I said to a few people "it's always sad on check out day" to which one of the other guests added, "but there's always another check in day in the future."  How appropriate. This has become my new favourite quote and really epitomizes the Grail because everyone always comes back....again and again. Thanks to this magical place that is The Grail. ~ Connie Cole, September 2022

Thank you very much for all of the love and healing energy that you put into and nourish at Grail Springs and beyond! This very special place has helped me to renew my faith in the beauty, magic and sacred mystery of life. The healing energy at Grail Springs comforted me in a time of profound sadness, and brought me inspiration when I returned the following year, and again with this visit. With immense gratitude. ~ AK, August 2022

You've created something truly magical - your staff are unanimuosly kind, supportive, empathetic.  ~ Anonymous, July 2022

As always, a fabulous experience that points me in the right direction for my next phase of growth and healing. ~ Suzanne A, May 2022 

This has been magical, nourishing, relaxing, and joyful. I can't wait to come back again to recharge. Thank you! ~ Joanne Y, April 2022

Every day I felt more immersed in the beautiful energy of Grail Springs! I loved it all! Thank you so much! ~ Stephanie H, April 2022

Thank you for a wonderful time. A truly magical experience. The speakers are amazing, funny, insightful. All the staff are so warm and welcoming. You do an amazing job of attracting great people. Micah, La-Verne, and Laura are amazing and so special. ~ Anonymous, April 2022

The new Halotherapy Salt Inhalation alongside the VibroAcoustic Sound Therapy is a thrilling experience in a lovely space. This unique treatment is soothing to the body, mind and spirit, a transformative experience. A definite must try at your next visit.  ~ Rebecca H, April 2022

The reviews don't lie. This place is magical. But more than that, it is so well run, with people who truly care about your experience. Our 3-nights here were so restful and good for the soul. There were laughs, tears, delicious food, retail therapy, body therapy and mind therapy. Thank you Grail Springs! We will be back soon. ~ Anonymous, March 2022

Without question, one of the very best things I've ever done, and a valuable investment in ME! Love the Grail and can't wait to return. xxoo. ~ R, March 2022

Dear Grail, I have always looked at the glass half full. But now my cup is completely full. ~ S, March 2022

What a MAGICAL experience! I'm so grateful and will carry everything I've gotten here with me. ~ Jamie, March 2022

Thank you so much for this lovely stay. Nicole was an absolute dream. We also got lots of therapy with the horses. We will be back soon! ~ Anonymous, March 2022

I got everything I needed and more. ~ Sarah, March 2022

This has been such a healing and relaxing stay. Thank you for the peace. ~ Dana, March 2022

What a gift! Long overdue for this kind of loving, nurturing energy. My cup runneth over. ~ Anonymous, March 2022

Thank you so much for this transformative week for myself and my daughter. The absolute best! ~ Anonymous, March 2022

Thank you so much for this paradise. Peace on Earth. Namaste. ~ Maria, March 2022

Thank you for this wonderful and magical sanctuary. I needed a break and to dial back and recharge. I will be back to recharge again! ~ Karen, March 2022

WOW!! 14 days of healing. Rediscovered my wellbeing and love for myself. Thank you for making my stay a wonderful experience. I am truly grateful for this amazing life transformation journey. ~ Lucie, December 2021

Just wanted to send a thank you for helping us with our stay at your beauriful Grail Springs. I had a truly magical time and cannot wait to visit again. ~ Angel, December 2021

Such a blessing to be part of this community as the Grail plays such an important role in the current transformation of the world in these challenging times.  ~  B & J, December 2021

To the amazing team at Grail Springs, thank you for making each and every visit a treasure to my soul. Gratitude for all of you. ~ Kerry L, December 2021

Thank you for a a very healing weekend. The positive energy and support I received will surely help me on my journey forward. ~ Rebecca, November 2021

Thank you to everyone at Grail Springs for a life-changing experience. ~ Deborah, November 2021

This was a perfect rest and rejuvenation experience after a 7-month illness, and for my 70th birthday. Thanks to all the terrific staff. Both Kevin and I are leaving with more mobility and positive energy than when we arrived five days ago. ~ Lorraine & Kevin, November 2021

Magical and delicious! Thank you so, so much. Incredible facilities and magnificent staff - all bringing such unique gifts and talents - contributing to a truly healing and transformative experience. Can't wait to come back. ~ Mi'gwich Wela'tin. ~ Shanneen, November 2021

This place is a slice of Heaven on Earth. I am eternally grateful for all you have given me. I am leaving relaxed, well fed, and with much to think about going forward. Thank you. ~ Kate, November 2021

A magical and spiritual 14-nights! Blessings. Madeleine you have created a magical and spiritual place to heal and transform. I am so inspired. I will be back. Thank you to all. ~ Lindsay, September 2020

I have been to several spas internationally and nothing can replace the magical aura found at Grail Springs. Thank you Madeleine for your continued support to humanity when the world needs you most! And Chris, is the best! ~ Seta, September 2020

Absolute amazing time! ~ Lisa, September 2020

Great service, and great treatments! Special shout outs to Darlene, Elly, Laura, Jason, Ashley, Joelle, Gloria and Karly! ~ Anonymous, September 2020

Thank you for the deeply meaningful energy reading. My business plan is already in the works! ~ Allison, August 2020

From the forest to the grounds to the lake, everything was magical. I feel priviledged to have experiencedthe yoga and meditation practices. Each and everyone of the guides is special and have all given me a gift ~ the gift of healing. Thank you. ~ Lesly, July 2020

Thank you for all you have done to create a wonderful retreat centre for your guests. I truly enjoyed my stay, the excellent grounds and talks. ~ Sincerely, Richard, July 2020

Dear Beloved Grail Folks, A heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you for all you do to create and hold safe space for all who walk through your door. Now more than ever, it is especially appreciated. With infinite gratitude. ~ Andrea, July 2020

I felt a deep emotional release and connection. The equine meditation was truly healing and exceptional. A very therapeutic weekend. ~ Anika, July 2020

his place changed my life... I am so grateful. ~ Denise G, February 2020

The doorway to one of the most favorite places on earth! Thank you Grail for the gifts you give. ~ Brenda J, February 2020

Thank you again Grail Springs for another truly wonderful stay. Just what the doctor ordered. ~ Andrea B, February 2020

You are tapping into what people are hungry for right now on this planet and the sky is the limit there! Way to go Grail Springs. Keep shining your lights because this world needs it! ~ Bev P, November 2019

Thanks for a great first time at Grail. I found some pieces of myself that had gone missing for a bit ;-) ! ~ Terry L, November 2019

The weekend was magical indeed! ~ Merle G, November 2019

I love being here and visit number ten reinforces that! ~ Suzanne A, August 2019

Thank you for another incredible and magical stay! Grail Springs never disappoints. Everything is so intentionally put together to facilitate healing and relaxation. Staff are so kind and amazing! Love it all, and will come back again and recommend to people who will appreciate this beautiful experience. ~ Fazeena H, August 2019

The perfect balance of spirituality and pampering to reinvigorate body and soul. Thanks to the wonderful staff of Grail Springs for an amazing experience! ~ Susan W, August 2019

I had a wonderful experience. Helped to calm my stress and I've learned so many tools I plan to incorporate into my daily routine. Everyone was amazing and helped me so much. I will forever remember my time here and all the lovely staff. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will return. ~ Karimah B, July 2019

I’ve been coming to Grail Springs over 10 years and throughout its evolution there has always been one constant, the overwhelming sense of peace and goodwill that happens during my experiences when I’m there. I take these experiences like our walks in the woods, the time out on the lake, the yoga, the labyrinth, the meditation and of course the people with me as treasured memories. When I’m home I use the mantra of gratitude, humility, grace and reverence as part of my daily meditation practice. Thank you for being a beautiful source of renewal. ~ Tracy G, July 2019

Grail Springs has exceeded my expectations. I'm touched beyond words. My cup is overflowing with divine gratitude to you all for the most most incredible, awe-inspiring experience of my life. You are the most beautiful, loving, passionate souls on the planet. Thank you for blessing me with your wisdom and vibrant energy. You have surrounded me with nature's stunning beauty and I am forever grateful. ~ Lisa K, July 2019

A pebble dropped into a pond creates a ripple far beyond. There really is no way of knowing the mystery of how gifts keep growing. When we open up our hand, and one who's down is helped to stand, in turn that one will touch another. Hope can grow and hearts will lift, such is the power of a gift.  Your kind thoughts and support are sincerely appreciated. ~ Members of Maynooth & Area Food Bank, May 2019

This space is created in love and I have had the greatest gifts during the time spent here over the years. I came here to heal, focus on me, and with new tools find some answers about who I am. Many answers came, enough to move me forward. The grace and generosity you have all shown is appreciated more than words can express. I felt as though I was a most most welcomed guest in your home. Thank you. ~ Lisa, May 2019

I leave resplendent in grace. Thanks to you and all! ~ Patricia, April 2019

Having a fantastic adventure here! Thank you for creating this place! ~ Heike, April 2019

You have my sincere thanks for your vision and dedication to creating such a safe and supportive place for me to retreat to as I dedicate time for my Self. Each and every time I come I feel like I'm home. The entire Grail Team's thoughtfulness and kindness provides an absolutely magnificent experience for all. With gratitude. ~ Jessie-May, February 2019

As most of your guests have stated, it was an incredible week that truly affected my heart and my spirit. I am so grateful that while staying at your beautiful retreat I had a couple of profound experiences that helped me through a very difficult season in my life. Thank you. ~ Jody P, February 2019

Grail Springs is a beautiful and wonderous orchestra of healing energy. At it’s core is the visionary Madeleine Marentette  who conducts this great orchestra of incredible people, food and natural setting with a spiritual fire that ignites the soul as soon as you enter. My week at Grail Springs was like nothing I have ever experienced. I leave renewed, transformed and excited for the next stage of my journey. Until we meet again.... With great love respect and much gratitude. ~ Sue K, January 2019

I am a mom, a wife, a driven software professional, a committed friend, and attentive daughter - but I needed this. The replenishment I got from chosen silence, nourishment, and therapy sessions was what my brain and body was begging for. Thank you to the entire staff for providing this sanctuary for the broken-hearted. I am ready to face every challenge again. ~ Anonymous, December 2018

The Grail is a magical place and has such meaning and power. I have lost count of how many times I have stayed and each ones helps me progress on my path. With warmest thanks to Madeleine and your team for sharing this piece of paradise! ~ Sharon H, December 2018

I would like to thank you all for our wonderful stay. When we arrived last Sunday, my daughter was in a critical state. She was in pain and extremely discouraged, thinking no one could help her. Right away, she felt a little better, sensing a climate of security and acceptance, and feeling that no one was there to judge her. Thanks to your amazing team of therapists, she did receive excellent treatments that seem to keep growing on her. More so, she regained hope, an essential component of her recovery! Again, gratefulness and kind thoughts to everyone. Your work does make a difference! ~ DT, August 2018

Grail Springs is a long time love of mine, I discovered it a few years ago when I attended the Grail Lady Faire. After a few years’ hiatus, Madeleine brought back the event this summer. To say that it was transformational in nature is an understatement. From the incredible speakers to the divine therapies, it was truly an incredible time. Grail Springs is the only place in Canada that nourishes the mind, body and soul and offers support that inspires. I feel truly blessed to have this very special place and the l3apwonderful people who work here in my life. I simply love Grail, and all that it does for the world! ~ SM, July 2018

Madeleine, the owner, her staff and what they do are beyond what I expected.  The kindness, expertise, healing sessions, workshops, food, just being on the land is extraordinary. I left feeling so clear, inspired, balanced and extremely relaxed like I haven't been in a VERY long time; when I left, I had the energy of a child. I CANNOT wait to return. I highly recommend visiting Grail Springs; the programs are set up to help you re-center, refresh, and renew your mind and body...to feel at Peace. Thank you to Madeleine and your AMAZING staff for a life changing experience.  I am SO GRATEFUL to have had this experience of this special place...I'll be back. ~ Warmly, Paula S, July 2018

This Grail experience was the most magical week of my life. It was everything and more. The staff are light workers, therapists who heal our inner souls with their touches. Everyone was terrific, loving and kind. The food was the best I've tasted. I thank you for this transformation week. I am forever grateful to you. I will tell everyone who needs this place! ~ Lori R, June 2018

I have never been to a wellness centre and now I will be here annually. Food is amazing. Grail Springs has taught me so much and I feel blessed to have learned so much from your amazing staff. Such compassion and true love for what they all do! Thank you for offering such a place for us all to enjoy. ~ Caryn D, June 2018

GRATITUDE for such a transformational experience from Day 1. Everyone has expertise to offer if you choose to allow yourself to grow. Follow your heart to Grail and come to this magical retreat if you desire to find your way to good health through yoga, meditation, beauty in nature everywhere, and people who care genuinely. ~ Jan C, June 2018

Enjoyed our stay so much! Everyone was very welcoming and supportive. The combination of activities and freedom to wander and reflect is perfect. Thank you! ~ James & Deb B, June 2018

I would certainly recommend Grail Springs but 2-days are simply not enough. I think 5-day to a week would have been best! ~ Irene M, June 2018

I stumbled upon Grail Springs by web search. I came here seeking my true self. I lost myself with work, kids and marriage. I was drained. Grail Springs helped open my mind and realize the benefits of take time out for me! ~ Michelle L, June 2018

Last week at Grail Springs changed my life. I am so thankful for all of the lessons that I learned and for all of the wonderful, caring staff. I have already convinced three of my clients to come visit you. We will be back next year. ~ CA, June 2018

My experience here as been life-changing. I came here broken and am leaving with an abudnance of hope and love. The staff here is unbelievable, so much love and attention was given. Thank you to all of you and a special thanks to my little fairy Laura. I will be back again soon! ~ Jose P, April 2018

Well done! Bravo! The venue, ambience and service was spectacular. I could not have asked for a better week. God Bless you! ~ Homeric, April 2018

Absolutely the best service I have ever experienced. You have a wonderful team! ~ Chantel M, April 2018

Amazing! David Donnelly's classes were super. Troy's Cranio-sacral therapy, wow!!!! Seeing men attending Grail, wow! Great for me and my partner. Looking foward to next year! ~ Shelly K, April 2018 

Thank you Grail for helping me remember who I am and why I matter. Even though I know a lot of life lessons, I had lost touch with my inner Goddess and got caught up in the hustle and bustle of city life. I am leaving here with a renewed sense of self and with the tools and motivation to pursue my hopes and dreams again. Thank you all. xoxo ~ Janice B, April 2018

Thank you so much for another great stay. Transforming! Grail Springs is truly magical. See you next time! Thanks to all the staff and Madeleine for creating this refuge. ~ Jill D, April 2018

I came for a restorative break and am leaving with a renewed committment to my physical health and more importantly, joy and optimism about rebuilding my life.  I cannot thank you enough. I've already booked my next visit. ~ Catherine J, April 2018

Over the last thirteen years I have visited Grail Springs to celebrate, heal and reconnect with myself. The energy there is like a magnetic pull when I most need to be good to myself. ~ Tarah JH, April 2018

Grail Springs anchored me in my knowing, clarity, and boundaries, as well as physical health and strengthIt brought me back to me. I am always strengthened and nourished and able to dream and imagine there. I am also deeply impressed with the long distances people travel from around the world to come, often as returning guests. I am eternally grateful for the existence of Grail Springs. ~ Heather, April 2018

There are no words for me to describe how much my experience at the Grail has changed and impacted my life. You, your work, your staff and what you have all created here is beyond admirable. And most importantly, it is done with the utmost sincerity, kindness and straight from the heart. The Grail saved my life and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish you, your family and everyone there nothing but joy and happiness forever. With the deepest thanks. ~ Alana, March 2018

Thank you sooooo much for the WONDER-filled and AWE-some time. The second time was just as restorative as the first. I can't wait for my thrid visit. It's obvious the staff love their jobs. They are all so kind and compassionate to guests, and passionate about their work. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Until we meet again. ~ Sincerely, Kerry M,  March 2018

I arrived with three friends and left with ten! The Grail is an AMPLIFIER! Tastes, smells, sensations, intuition, peace, are all heightened. I am eager to return in July for the festival! ~ Andrea, March 2018
Wow! Impressive. From the second I walked thru the door and was greeted wth 'Hi Connie!" and until the hugs all around at check-out, I felt a real sense of belonging and that everyone really cared. Enjoyed meeting Madeleine and having some great talks. My room smelled like sheets in off the line everytime I walked in and it brought back memories of my childhood.  I'll be back! ~ Connie C, March 2018
I am in love! ~ Dawn F, March 2018
Thank you Grail Springs. An ultimate transformational experience. Just open your mind and listen. Thank you. I have not felt this great in two years. ~ Brandie D, March 2018
This is my first time to a wellbeing retreat and it has been a life-changing experience for me. The facility, service and staff are outstanding. The atmosphere exudes warmth and caring. I really appreciated the excellent programming without the pressure to attend everything. The menu gave me an opportunity to learn a lot more about a vegetarian diet which I discovered I really enjoy. From the bottom of my heart thank you! ~ Donna G, February 2018
God puts us where we need to be... and I needed to be here. Truly a nourishing experience for mind, body and soul. Leaving with a great feeling of gratitude and purpose. Magical! ~ Denise H, February 2018
Coming in winter was simply breathtaking. I have visited in the summer and in winter it is like rediscovering everything all over again for the first time. Amazing staff, grounds, animals, food. Loved every minute. Love you all. ~ Janet L, February 2018
Thank you for the wonderful CARE and LOVE experience! I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of my 'teaser' stay. The talks and presentations were enlightening and informative. The staff is amazing! ~ Michelle L, February 2018

Great week of relaxation and spoiling. Food fantastic. Staff very good. Special Kudos to Troy, Treena and Jason. ~ Paul & Sue 
This is my second stay at Grail Springs. It was just as magical as my first visit. The facility is transformative, the food and amenities are world class. The service on all levels was 5 star. All of the staff are attentive, caring, courteaous and no detail is left up to chance. The meals are perfectly proportioned and presented. They are amazing and you feel like they were prepared just for you. I love the infrared sauna. Special mention to Ashley, and Sue is top notch! ~ Kim DF, February 2018 
I wanted to thank you all for a truly magical experience. The staff were all so warm and caring and it is obvious they love serving at The Grail. With all the treatments, talks, movies, yoga and interactions with other guests and staff, I had a very profound  experience. You have helped me understand and believe that I am beautiful and have value and therefor must nurture myself. Thank  you for the food, the fellowship, and mostly, the love you shared. ~ With gratitude, Jody PM, March 2017
Dear (guide dog) Ojo, and (horse family) Pete, Choco, Natasha and little sweet Gracie.... Thank  you for sharing your space and energy with me. You have all taught me a lot about just being. And to all the wonderful Grail Team, Thank you to everyone. Your work here is so valuable to me when I am here, as well is when I am not here. You all do a beautiful job. ~ With respect, Kim, 2017
A Canadian gem. You have built a special place with a staff authentically dedicated to the wellbeing of others. The lake, the crystals, horses and the stunning views set the stage for my recuperation from a very stressful year. I learned so much about myself and ways to keep my body and mind in balance daily.  So much to take away from this magical place and I will most certainly return annually to fill my cup. ~ Sarah B, 2017
After a couple of years since my visit to your place, I am proud to share that I have become vegan. I finally understood it and it clicked inside of me. Documentaries like Thrive, Forks Over Knives, Food Inc, Collapse, these all brought some education and light to my life. Salud y amor. ~ Eduardo, May 2017
It doesn't get any better than this! I can't say enough about how wonderful my stay was.  I booked there with some reservations:  I'm not a vegetarian, I'm not particularly wealthy, and, coming from a science background, I thought some of the treatments were too "woowoo" for me. But I was surprised at every corner. The food was delicious, beautifully presented, graciously served, and very satisfying. The staff and other clients were lovely. The treatments were remarkably effective. And my spiritual life has been immeasurably enriched. Stay at least a week, if you can possibly do it. It will be worth every penny! Thank you for all you've done in making this wonderful place available to all of us who are seeking. ~ Deanne M, May 2017
Love Grail Springs, a place of healing. ~ Kathy G, November 2016
I love Grail Springs, I Love Grail Springs.....just saying. ....💗💗
Every single day it effects my heart and soul since being there....powerful.
~ Kim M, November 2016
My thanks, for a beautiful stay, and a wonderful staff! ~ Anne, November 2016
I came to Grail Springs not knowing what to expect--except that I knew I really needed some time for self-reflection and personal growth. I couldn't have asked for a better overall experience. The staff were so helpful and kind and I was blessed to encounter a group of guests who each taught me something. The spiritual services that the Grail offers are truly unique and I am so grateful that I chose to visit. ~ Christina S, October 2016
Thank you for creating a truly sacred, special piece of heaven here at Grail Springs.  It was tranformational for us both in every way. ~ J & D, September 2016
One of the best weeks of my life. I hardly know where to begin in describe my experience at Grail Springs. If you are debating about going, just do it. ~ M, April 2016

I wanted to send this email to say what an amazing experience my weekend stay at Grail Springs Retreat was. I was quite nervous, however I felt the calmness and serenity of Grail Springs the minute I drove through the entranceway of the retreat. In anticipation of my visit, I read in great detail the Grail Spring website and I can say that it is everything the website claims and much much more.  The accommodations are luxurious but not pretentious, the social atmosphere is inclusive but not intrusive, the days are full but not rushed, and each meal is a exquisite dining experience. Thank you Madeliene Marentette and all the staff at Grail Springs for making Grail Springs such a magical place.  It is the real deal, a 5-star health resort in beautiful Ontario where one can truly revitalize one's body, rejuvenate one's mind and rediscover one's spirit. Namaste! ~ Judy L, June 2016

GRAIL SPRINGS! Transformational~Majestic~ Magical!  Madeleine Marentette has truly created a 'Disney World' for the Soul! The moment you enter the Majestic Grail Castle you know Miracles are happening.... Simply MAGICAL! You must go... You will experience heaven on earth... Bravo. ~ Catherine N, March 2016

Feeds your soul and nourishes your body. Grail Springs is my fav place to recharge and recommit to my wellness journey!
~ Ann, March 2016

Grail Springs is Ontario's gem.  This was our first but surely not our last visit to this magical place. Our room was spectacular, the staff friendly. knowledgable and happily accommodated all of our requests. The food was delicious and the property is very well appointed.  I can't wait for our next visit!
~ Cathy, March 2016

Coming home to the Grail... I have visited The Grail 3 times.  I needed their nurturing my first two visits, but now I celebrate my progess by coming home to The Grail. ~ P, March 2016

My time at Grail Springs was a "life awakening". I feel blessed to have had the experience especially with my mom....Now if the rest of the world just function like Grail Springs everything would be great. ~ Pam, January 2016

I send you my blessings and graditude. Grail Springs is such a wonderfully healing place and I treasure my time here each visit. The Light of the Soul retreat was especially poignant and valuable to me at this time.  I made this small acorn for you from the forest, a reminder of the many seeds you plant that grow into mighty oaks. With love. ~ Patricia D, January 2016

I will definitely be back and I am telling all my friends how wonderful it is. Your customer service and the whole experience was outstanding. Thank you so much! ~ Georgina, Bolton ON, January 2016

We thoroughly enjoyed every moment.  The atmosphere is warm, welcoming and peaceful.  As cozy as it feels, it is has charm and elegance.  It seems like just the right blend.  The food was amazing, I couldn’t get over how good everything tasted and was still extremely healthy.  The presentation of the food was spectacular.  The chef and kitchen staff were exceptional. ~ Julie, Mississauga ON, January 2016

After my short stay in the magical, otherworldlyy Grail Springs, I truly felt quite rejuvenated and uplifted.  There is definitely a magical, fairytale like quality there. ~ Jacquie, January 2016

We had a great time. I was skeptical about how much a spa could really relax and change you... I was wrong!
We met some amazing people there and now encourage each other to get Grailed! ~ Jackie, Oshawa ON, December 2016

My experience at Grail was absolutely wonderful!   The staff so caring and nice, the food -absolutely amazing, even the juice detox was great. I enjoyed ever minute and made some lovely friends.  The speakers were very good and I must say, my room was divine. The grounds so peaceful and safe. October was a nice month to come with the beautiful fall colours. I loved the mantra, yoga and meditation, such a calming way to start the day. I would certainly come back.  Such a stress free time to reflect, think and just be.
Thank you!
~ Wendy, Missauga ON, October 2015

I went expecting to de-stress and collect myself, and I knew it would be amazing...but truly it went beyond my expectations. Yes I'll be back within a year, to be sure! ~ Verna, West Coast, July 2015 

The relaxed atmosphere, the lake, the accommodations, the various treatments, the food, but more importantly the kind and gentle people that I met, truly made my stay at Grail Springs a memorable experience. Thank you to all who supported me on my journey towards health. ~ Maria, July 2015

You have manifested a wonderful thing at the Grail! ~ ED, June 2015

I came to the Grail looking for myself, for a release from who my cancer had made me in the last year. And I found it here. I am so thankful for this time and for the lovely people that have helped me in this journey of self-exploration. ~ Shannon L

I would like to express our gratitude for the best time and money ever spent. We are so grateful to all of your efforts and time spent with us. We feel very blessed to have been in your presence for our short visit. This is the best vacation that I have ever been on... ~ Susan I, May 2015

This was a transformative week for me! The team at Grail are caring and supportive and I feel blessed to have visited this magical place. ~ Robyn B, February 2015

Thank you so much. I will never forget our conversation. It opened up a whole new world for me. Thank you for creating a place of healing that far surpasses anything I have ever experienced. It has been a sanctuary for my soul. Many blessings to you and the entire staff here who make up Grail Springs. It has been an extraordinary experience. ~ Kim S, January 2015

Simply put Grail Springs is one of my favourite places on earth. When I enter the gates I am lead down a path lined with trees and as I arrive I am overwhelmed by the natural beauty and silence. ~ Sandra E

The magic at Grail Springs is indescribable and the wonderful people who work here give an extra touch of love and care that enriches the entire experience. ~ ML, October 2014

I was completely drained and needed to recharge my batteries... to "fill my cup" It was truly life changing for me. The resort itself has a magical energy that flows through every aspect... The actual workshop with Madeleine left me so profoundly change Going to Grail Springs is the best investment in myself that I've ever made! ~ Caroline F, February 2015

This was the most life changing event of my life. Without realizing how it was happening, my depression lifted, my life-long IBS and bloating was improving on the Alkaline Diet. Amazing how well your body can function with the right PH level. Thank you for your vision Madeline and for having the strength and courage to see it through for all of us to heal. ~ Victoria B, January 2015

Thank you for following your inner spirit and creating Grail Springs for the rest of us to find our sacred inner selves. My time at the Grail is becoming transformational for me. It's where I yearn to be. Truly a sanctuary for my soul. Namaste ~ Lynn S

Once you cross the threshold of Grail Springs all of your stress and worries are left behind Upon departure you are renewed and regenerated, ready to face the world again. By the way they have a beautiful Labyrinth to walk on the grounds. I found me, now go and find YOU! Well-done Madeleine! ~ Irma V, July 2014

Best vacation we've ever had. Will definitely be back every year. This is changing my lifestyle. The attention to detail is incredible. ~ Cheryl G, June 2014

I had the good fortune of staying in the Eco-Tabin while I was at Grail Springs. I enjoyed all of the wonders an Ontario forest has to offer from the comfort of a clean and cozy Canadiana cabin. It was a real treat to unplug and unwind while the forest sang around me. Thank you, Grail Springs. ~ Mandi H, June 2014

Best vacation we've ever had. Will definitely be back every year. This is changing my lifestyle. The attention to detail is incredible. ~ Cheryl G, June 2014

Eva's information educated me in new ways to see and approach yoga I feel profoundly fortunate to have experienced this place... I am leaving in the spirit of gratitude for what I've learned and humility in the face of challenges. ~ Suzanne T, June 2014

I knew I wanted the 'Good Stuff': True healing for Body, Mind and Spirit and Grail Springs delivered. I left after five days with far more than I could have imagined... Grail Springs reminded me through your incredible philosophy, your life changing teachers, your incredibly wholesome nutrition, and a truly positive attitude from each and every staff member I encountered ~ Mary R, May 2014

Seven Reasons Why I Love Grail Springs!
1. Amazing energy - unique to Grail Springs. You can feel the earth and air vibrate - truly heaven on earth. 
2. Sacred, peaceful space free of alcohol, smoke, noise, animal products, fragrance and buzz.
3. Devotion to health and wellness on all levels: emotional, physical AND spiritual. The best vegetarian meals I have ever had. 
4. Fantastic staff consisting of smart, funny, compassionate and open-hearted folks dedicated to make your stay special.
5. The ONLY place I have been to which offers excellent evening presenters - this is such a smart idea!
6. Wonderful spa treatments, yoga instructors and special guidance on meditation, vision boarding.
7. A place to regenerate, relax, meditate and transform! I have been there 6 times and have seen people change in just a few days. What a gift! ~ AB, May 2014

The Grail is one of my most favorite places to be in the world. The land is truly magical. ~ Tara Greene

Grail Springs Retreat is beyond words. It's like a bath for the soul! ~ Bari M

Thank you for your kindness, generosity, wisdom and guidance. Every moment spent with you and Grail Springs is a gift. ~ Susan E, attendee Sacred Butterfly Retreat April 2014

Grail Springs is like the home for our souls! ~ Tere Lopez

From the moment I drove onto the property I was overwhelmed by the natural beauty that I saw before me and how peaceful it was This was by far the most transformative 2 weeks of my life... it left me feeling amazing and my pain subsided dramatically, as I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I then continued with the Alkaline Diet plan and enjoyed every meal, and before I knew it I no longer craved caffeine, sugar, alcohol or meat. I have now incorporated it into my everyday routine. Thank you again Madeline for sharing, and giving us all this magical gift called Grail Springs. ~ Debbie K, Ottawa ON, March 2015

I've been coming to Grail for a number of years now and feel that I have grown so much from the experience. It has been truly life-changing! ~ Mary K, February 2015

You have truly created a magical sanctuary for rejuvenation and healing. The staff went above and beyond. ~ S. Brown, May 2014

My experience was magical... My expectations were beyond met. It was exceedingly exceptional. Your mission is clear 'Retreat' and you deliver that well. Thank you and God bless you and the owner who thought about others well being... My room (4) and the view! That was my heaven on earth. What else I could have asked for? You will be in my mind forever… ~ Shervin, April 2014

My five day stay during the yoga retreat was truly transformative. This tranquil setting took me from a place of tension and fatigue to a place of being centred. At home, my diet has improved, I've lost 8lb, I'm mediating twice a day again. It was worth every penny. ~ Janet, April 2014

I came to Grail Springs in search of something, or was it to escape the reality of becoming another year older and not feeling fulfilled with my life? Was it to find answers, to heal, to make new friends, to have quiet time for reading, to try new experiences like meditation, mantra, to discover more about my true self? The truth is it was all of the above. Grail Springs is a magical place. It transforms you into a positive being. I highly recommend this wellness retreat. You'll leave here very happy and a grounded person. Five stars from me. ~ Rita

Thank you for sharing your gifts of care, smiles and light with me this week. With gratitude and reverence, a beautiful space to restore and reconnect with yourself. Wonderful hospitality. Caring 'Soul Food"! ~ Susan Y

I attended the Fresh Start Retreat  Favorite moments: hot tub, talks, and the food. Love the ambiance, calmness. Staff is kind, calm, extremely considerate and enjoys creating a loving environment. ~ Suzanne K

I hoped for the full experience, and was given the full experience. Madeleine's creation is concrete and palpable. Grail itself is a wonderful nesting space; quality, comfort and imagination infuse the building. ~ Diana E

I can never thank you enough for giving me the gift of Grail Springs. I just spent the most glorious week there. You have a truly phenomenal staff at the Grail. I'm eternally grateful. ~ Tracey R

I feel as if I am leaving my parents home, the security, love and understanding. Leaving it all behind to create part of the wisdom I have experienced to live and create a small island within myself. Everyone at Grail Springs was a very important part of my journey and a heartfelt thank you for that. May this very special place continue to blossom and go from strength to strength. With great affection. ~ Anonymous

A must on your list for an amazing retreat. I highly recommend it. And feel the spirit of the land! ~ Kimberly Maracle

The Grail Springs Wellness Retreat is beyond words. It is like a bath for your soul. ~ Bari McFarland

I am grateful for the gift of Grail Springs - for the energy it holds and the energy it attracts. I look forward to my next visit! All the best. ~ Sandra D

I was feeling pretty broken both physically and emotionally when I arrived for the first night. By the last night I felt like a brand new person and full of anticipation for my new life. Thank you. ~ Brenda C

This place is my heaven on earth. Absolutely beautiful :) Thanks to all who make me well while I'm there so that I can go back and live in the world. ~ Tracey R

Spent a week at Grail that will never be forgotten. My life is forever changed and blessed. Namaste ~ Amanda T

Madeleine Marentette has created an integrated system that fosters body, mind AND spirit, a formula for true wellness and transformation on a personal and planetary scale, greatly needed at this time in humanitys history. I highly recommend her book as it embraces and bridges ancient wisdom of the healing arts with those of the new modern day sciences of mind consciousness. A beautiful gift to the world! ~ Angaangaq Lyberth, Ice Wisdom
Eskimo Inuk Elder and Healer, Greenland, Commissioner to The World Commission on Global Spirituality and Consciousness

What an amazing event! It was so heartwarming to be surrounded by such empowered and inspired women all brilliant in their own uniqueness. I feel blessed to have had the experience and look forward to other events. Yours in good health. ~ Dr. Ravinder Gill N.D.

I had a lovely time at the Grail Wellness Center. The grounds are peaceful and beautiful, my room overlooking Chalice Lake charming. The morning mist rising over the lake was perfect for morning meditation. The vegetarian meals were exceptionally good and served in such an appetizing way. Special praise to all of the kitchen and wait staff.... In any vacation, it is important to know what it is you want from it. On this trip, for me, it was peaceful surroundings, good food, programs of interest and lovely people to interact with during my stay. I got it at Grail. Thank you. ~ Sandy K

We would like to thank you for the wonderful weekend! It was more than anything I was expecting. Enlightening, delightful, strengthening and beneficial are the words that come to mind. The staff, instructors, spa experts were professional, friendly, and accommodating. We will be back! Our experience with meditation with Dan was enlightening to the core. Helpful and inspiring to implement into the new chapter of my life that started with my visit. Again, Thank you! ~ Treese A

Wow. I had very high expectations...everything surpassed my hopes. All of your team is amazing The highlight was the amazing food. I only wish those at home could taste it. Waiting for the cookbook! I love the energy and space. You have done a wonderful job in creating paradise. Thank you for having me and treating me like I belong here. Be back soon. BEST FOOD EVER!! ~ Pam G, March 2013

Congratulations to you and your wonderful staff on being in the book for the worlds top healing hotels. Your retreat is a jewel of peace and serenity. ~ Kimberly M

Healing happens so deeply here...my heart filled with offerings of gratitude, humility, grace and r