Nurture Your Wellbeing Body~Mind~Spirit

  1. Grail Signature
    Retreat Package

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    Immerse yourself in the healing programs of Grail Springs. 

    Retreat Package includes:

    • Beautiful Accommodations
    • Healthy Plant-based Meals
    • Yoga and Meditation
    • Hot Cold Immersion Therapy
    • Nature Walk Mon & Sat
    • Evening Classes - see calendar
    • Add-on healng arts sessions or programs
    • From $360 pp per night dbl occ
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  2. Holistic Cleanse Program for Body~Mind~Spirit

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    Cleanse your body, release your burdens, restore clarity.

    Holistic Cleanse Program includes:

    • Grail Signature Retreat Package
    • 'Holistic Cleanse' therapies ~ value $130 healing arts sessions per day
    • Receive 10% off healing arts sessions included in this program
    • From $490 pp per night dbl occ
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  3. February is Winter Spa Fest ~ with great savings!

    February is Winter Spa Fest ~ with great savings!

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    • BFF! Bring a Friend for FREE!
    • Daily popup specials 
    • Mini-spa tastings
    • $25 gift bag per guest upon check-in
    • Snowshoe excursions around Chalice Lake
    • Enjoy hot chocolate by the campfire 
    • Take the Polar Bear Dare Challenge & enter to WIN a $150 gift bag
  4. Raise Your Vibration Program

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    Enhance your spiritual connection, raise your vitality.

    Raise Your Vibration Program includes:

    • Grail Signature Retreat Package
    • Chakra Aura Reading & Photo 
    • 'Raise Your Vibration' therapies - value $130 healing arts sessions per day
    • receive 10% off healing arts sessions included in this program
    • From $490 pp per night dbl occ
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  5. January is Mind~Body Enrichment Month

    January is Mind~Body Enrichment Month

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    NEW Workshops ~ Expand your mind, nurture your heart:

    • $75 to $95 each
    • Get Clear with Your Intuition
    • Foods that Heal
    • Reverse Aging
    • Sleep Well!
    • Sounds That Heal
    • Navigating Four Bodies of Self
    • Sacred Hearts Circle
    • Receive one complimentary workshop of choice when you book a retreat January 2023
  6. Special Offers and
    Extra Savings

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    Call for details 877-553-5772

    • January is Mind~Body Month
    • Bring a Friend for Free until Feb 28
    • SAVE $50 per night 2 to 3-nights 
    • SAVE $75 per night 4-nights 
    • SAVE $100 per night 5-nights or more
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