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Spiritual Enrichment Journey

Tuesdays to Fridays

$280 per person - includes 4 @ one-hour workshops daily Tuesdays to Fridays

pls note - commences January 25th, 2021

Deepen your connection to the inner worlds through discovering and connecting with the voice of your sacred soul. Learn how to tap in to and listen to that essential, insightful voice through inspirational workshops, group discussions, meditations, creative arts and contemplation exercises. By raising our awareness about the mechanisms of the soul, we can tap in to its nature, its wise voice, and our true purpose in life. Abundance, joy and fulfillment is meant to be yours.

Under the guidance of dedicated facilitators you will:

  • Rediscover your passions and gain a clear sense of direction and focus for your life
  • Learn the power of meditation to ‘tap in’, maintain harmony, heal, dream and create
  • Find meaning, purpose, peace and joy while letting go of anxiety, worry and fear
  • Understand the nature and qualities of the soul and its unlimited potential
  • Let go of emotional and mental blocks, setting your soul free to be one with you
  • Maintain highest-self from this day forward regardless of circumstances
  • Regain or discover the teachings of your own soul and your true purpose in life

Designed by Grail founder Madeleine Marentette, author and educator, Madeleine has spent 30 years studying, writing and teaching about the nature of the soul and the awakening processes of human consciousness. The Grail Springs team of dedicated spiritual healers, workshop facilitators and coaches provide the compass and visual map to guide you each day, one step at a time towards that destination.

Be embraced by the beauty of the Grail Springs sanctuary where the body and mind are nurtured, and the passion of the heart is rekindled.


Facilitated Daily Workshops:
Register for the Spiritual Enrichment Journey for $280 pls tax, tote and guide book included:

  • Soul Compass: Opening The Map & Shining The Oracle Light
  • Living in Mindfulness:  The Essentials of Meditations for Soul Connection
  • Energy & Ceremony for the Sacred Home: Beauty of Nature, Her Gifts to Heal and Enrich Us Daily
  • Mid-week Afternoon Silent Meditation Practice & Uncovering Your Power Symbol
  • The Three Oaths to Our Soul, The Law of Dharma and Purpose in Life
  • Friday Fire Ceremony - Letting Go and Bringing in the New