Policies, tERMS & conditions

Important Disclaimers - please read carefully

  • Holistic Philosophy – Grail Springs mission is assisting retreat guests with body-mind-spirit integration.
  • We are not a rehabilitation centre. We are unequipped to service substance addition or mental health issues. We reserve the right to request immediate departure if an individual, staff or other guests are at risk or uncomfortable with behaviour.
  • Food & Allergies – We provide a daily set menu, plant-based vegan meals with gluten-free options. We do not ensure food is nut-free. We are not equipped to deal with food preferences, severe allergies, medical diets, customized meal plans, nor administer EPIPEN.
  • Smoke-free – We are designated smoke-free inside and out including medical marajuana and vapes.
  • Alcohol-free - It is recommended that alcohol is not consumed in order to keep within our wellness mandate. 
  • Kindly read the Grail Springs Peace Intention
  • Wifi and cell phones – In order to maintain a restful atmosphere, we require electronics are only used in guest rooms or outside in parking lot. Please note that highspeed access is very limited in this area.
  • Photo taking with phones and cameras is permitted while being mindful of other guests privacy.

Check-in 4pm  ~  Check-out 12pm:

  • We guarantee rooms are ready by 4pm.  We can assign a locker if you'd like to arrive earlier or stay later.
  • Order lunch on check-in or check-out day or a lunch-to-go with 24 hour notice. 
  • Front desk closes at 8pm. Arrive no later than 6pm.
  • Dining room final seating is 6:30pm. WE do not hold meals past 6:30pm.

Deposit Information:

  • 50% deposit is required per person to guarantee a reservation.
  • You may cancel a reservation within 24 hours of booking and receive a full refund.
  • Spa appointment requests made on check-in day or check-out day must be pre-paid in full. Grail Springs is not responsible for late arrival or missed appointments for any reason. It is the responsibility of the guest to arrive on time.

Date Change & Cancellation Policy - with 14 days or more notice prior to Arrival:

  • $100 date change fee or cancellation fee will be applied per room.
  • Please keep in mind specials do not carry over to new date if the special has expired. Balance will be applied to the new rate.

Date Change & Cancellation Policy - with 14 days or less notice prior to Arrival:

  • Date change fee is 25% of the deposit, balance will be applied towards a future stay. Please keep in mind specials do not carry over to new date if the special has expired. Balance will be applied to the new rate.
  • Cancellation fee is 50% of the deposit, balance refunded. 

Late Arrivals or Early Departures:

  • No refunds are granted for late arrivals or early departure for any reason. Entire balance owing will be charged to pre-authorized credit card registered to the room.
  • Spa appointment requests made on check-in day or check-out day must be pre-paid in full. Grail Springs is not responsible for late arrival or missed appointments for any reason. It is the responsibility of the guest to arrive on time.

Spa Appointments:

  • Walk-in, Day Spa, and day of arrival appointments must be pre-paid in full.
  • Date changes, missed appointments and cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance of appointment otherwise 100% of the service will be charged.  Cancellation on day of appointment will be subject to full amount.
  • TIP: Please send in your spa requests using this form 48 hours or greater prior to your arrival date.

Using a Gift Certificate or if there a Third Party paying for your stay:

  • 50% deposit is required per person to guarantee reservation. You may use all or a portion of gift certificate as your secured deposit. Same cancellation policies apply to the gift certificate deposit as if using a credit card deposit.
  • Reservations paid for by a third party requires payment in full including taxes, a signed letter of authorization and a photocopy of front and back of driver's license. Must be received within 24 hours of making reservation in order to guarantee it.

Pre-Authorization and longer stays:

  • Guests are required to present upon check-in a personalized credit care for pre-authorization on the balance owing including add-on services and taxes.
  • Guests staying 10-nights or longer are required to make further deposits every 7-days equal to the amount of current charges.


  • Tipping is by cash only and at the discretion of guests following the traditional standards of the hospitality industry of 10%-20%. We do not accept tips via credit cards. Tip envelopes are available for your convenience.

Guest Speaker Disclaimer

  • Evening workshops that are not fulfilled by a presenter for any reason, refunds will not be granted. We will however do our very best to find replacements for presenters who cancel unexpectedly.

Loyalty Program: Same Time Next Year?

  • Ask about out Loyalty Program prior to check-out and save on your next journey!

Health & Safety Disclaimer

  • Grail Springs is not equipped to host those individuals with drug or alcohol addictions, mental illness, transmittable diseases, those under a doctors care, or severe food allergies. Grail Springs reserves the right to cancel a reservation due to any of the above at any time without penalty to Grail Springs if guest has misrepresented.

Hop on Airport Shuttle on Sundays - $60 plus tax each way when booking 7, 14 or 21-nights:

  • Depart Toronto Airport at 1:30pm - Flight should be scheduled to arrive no later than 12:15pm, leaving enough time to get through customs and luggage claim.  Shuttle will stop in Peterborough at 3pm for beverage, washroom break and transfer. Arrive at Grail Springs at approx 4:30pm.
  • Depart Grail Springs at 9:45am - When booking flight home make sure that if it is an International flight, it should depart no earlier than 3pm, Domestic flights should depart no earlier than 2:30pm. Shuttle stops in Peterborough at for beverage, washroom break and transfer. Arrive at Toronto Airport at approx 1pm. 

Ontario Accessibility Program

  • Our organization make available documents that are required by the Customer Service Standard upon request. [O. Reg. 429/07, s. 8(1) & (2) & 9(1)]

Service Dogs

  • Our organization respects the rights of persons with disabilities who have service dog companions. Guests are required to send a copy of the proper certification ID card to reservations@grailsprings.com PRIOR to receiving a reservation confirmation. Any person who falsely submits ID will be reported to the Attorney General as per Grail Springs obligation under the Ontario Service Dog Act. Original ID card must be presented again upon check-in. Service dogs must be present with their owners at all times. Service dogs may not be left tied up or unattended. Owners who leave service dogs unattended, or left to bark, or disturb guests in any way, will be asked to depart immediately and with no consequence to Grail Springs. Owners of service dogs agree to cover any damage caused by dogs to the premises. [Bill 80 - Ontario Service Dog Act, 2016]