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Committed to guiding individuals who are transitioning through life.

  • Life Coaching with Troy Miller, Henry Melissa Gordon, Wendy Fouts - 60 min $135, series of three $325
  • Nutrition Coaching with Evita Ochel - 60 min $135 (April to Nov)
  • Energy Management Coaching with Laura Milcawich - 60 min $120
  • Spiritual Guidance with Kamal Mehrdad Ameli - 60 min $120
  • Soul Coaching with Madeleine Marentette - 60 min $225
  • Coaching for Human Happiness & Fulfillment with Marcia Martin - 60 min $200, series of three $540
  • Life-Guidance for Youth with Michael Marentette - 60 min $95
  • Meditation Lesson – with Jason Secord, Kamal Mehrdad Ameli - 40 min $80, 60 min $120
  • Life Hike Meditation Lesson with Kamal Mehrdad Ameli - 90 min $150
  • Private Yoga Coaching - 60 min $75

Intentional Wellness Life Coaching - Wendy Fouts

You are unique. No one but you is so well equipped to create the Life Journey you desire. You are infinitely resourceful, which allows you an endless capacity for joyful possibilities. Trusting in your Self's Voice is key to supplying your vision and bringing it into focus. Through the Intentional Wellness Life Coaching Process, you will become more in tune with your values and clarify obstacles to personal growth. Action steps that tap into your Inner Wisdom provide the foundation which, when embraced, lead to profound personal shifts and keeps you moving elegantly toward your life's purposes. 

Meditation Coaching with Kamal Ameli

Kamal is fascinated by the wisdom of truth in ancient traditions, Such as Zen, Non duality and the Law of attraction . His regular visits to India, South America and Western Canada, Encounters with rare Masters and healers, Majestic mountains, vibrant rivers and Mystic lakes, excites him to share the knowledge of knowing the Self with the seekers of truth. The knowledge that helps us transcend the duality of our everyday life and become a responsible creator of our reality. Kamal facilitates the state of well being by application of healing arts such as Mindfulness , Acceptance, Breathing , Music Healing, Guided meditation, Art of listening, Reflexology, Thai foot massage and Pranic Healing . These sessions are designed to give you an experience of : Clarity, Unconditional Love towards yourself, Forgiveness, Self Confidence, inner Power and purpose of life.

Life Coaching – Troy Miller

Do you feel stuck in the maze of life?  Do you find yourself repeating old patterns? Do you find that something
is preventing you from experiencing all the joy and beauty life can offer?  Let's walk through this together.  As a coach I assist you in navigating your way through life's challenges in a confidential, personal way.  When one part of our life isn't functioning at its optimal, it affects the whole aspect of our selves.   I am here to listen and offer positive reinforcement through the use of many different techniques such as, Talk Therapy, Breath Work, Guided Imagery, Meditation and Body Work.  I have been in the Health and Wellness field for 22 years focusing on body, mind and spirit.  I received my diploma in Spiritual Psychotherapy from the Transformational Arts College in 2012.  I assist my clients from the inside out using various modalities such as Registered Massage Therapy. Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Indian Head Massage. Together, we can take this journey of self discovery to determine what may be holding you back.

Life-Guidance Coaching for Youth – Michael Marentette

My name is Michael Marentette, I am a third year student at the University of Toronto pursuing a major in political science and double minor in philosophy and history. I am also a director of Grail Springs Health and Wellness Retreat Centre, offering weekly workshops and meditation classes as well as personalized life-guidance and meditation coaching sessions. My motivations behind my work are based in my philosophy of life. I believe that all humans have an inherent greatness within them, which their most authentic self. My work is inspired towards aiding people to actualize their authentic self that they may allow it's radiance to impact the world around themselves for the betterment of all. 

Soul Coaching – Madeleine Marentette

For over twenty-five years Madeleine has dedicated herself to the study of the human-soul-connection. With today’s unique lifestyle challenges she feels this awareness is relevant to meeting the present day needs of the individual more than ever. Her journey into this inner world began when she immersed herself into the practice of Raja Yoga; 'the Kingly Science of the Soul', scribed over two-thousand years ago and teaching us how to thread our form-centred personality – with the light of our soul; understanding why it exists, what are its properties, attributes and purpose as it specifically relates to the seeker. This coaching is designed for the individual who is looking for clarity, sensing that it is time to open up their heart and mind and view their life from a spiritual perspective. This coaching is intended to illuminate the path as one moves forward through their uniquely experienced life now and into the future.

Energy Management Coaching – Laura Milcawich

Connecting with your natural abilities can be a struggle to find balance with your lifestyle.  Many people are very sensitive to energies and are unsure of how to protect yourself, ground the energy, or turn it on and off.  This can be very uncomfortable for people with gifts and can often lead to the person shutting them down completely instead of honing them to assist with living their Purpose.  Through this session your natural abilities will be revealed and you will be given tools to learn how to be at peace with what makes you special.


Coaching for Human Happiness & Fulfillment – Marcia Martin

For more than 45 years Marcia Martin has dedicated herself to the study of what makes a person happy, fulfilled, and joyous. She is an expert coach in the areas of influence, impact, and effortlessly manifesting life dreams and goals. Marcia was an original Pioneer and leader of the Human Potential Movement. She was a Founding Member and Executive VP of est (which later became Landmark Forum), where she helped to transform millions of people in their ability to produce optimum results in life. She co-created the Transformational Leadership Council in the USA, as well as co-founded the Network for Transformational Leaders in Europe. She was knighted by the Order of St. John of Jerusalem for her humanitarian contribution to the world. Marcia has personally trained over 400,000 people worldwide to be more powerful, confident, and fulfilled - both personally and professionally, and she is renowned as one of the most effective transformational coaches in the world. 

Nutrition Coaching - Evita Ochel

Evita Ochel is a consciousness expansion teacher, whose passions and expertise span all areas of the mind, body, and spirit. She is a writer, speaker, holistic nutritionist, yoga and meditation teacher, video producer, and author of Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition which you can purchase in our online store.  After years of following a mainstream, reductionist-based science path, her world view expanded into the field of holistic science, nutrition, natural health, and optimal wellness. Evita took the Advanced Nutrition Diploma program through the Alive Academy of Natural Health and is a certified holistic nutritionist.





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