Committed to guiding individuals who are transitioning through life,
with confidence, new inspirations and support.

  • BioEnergy & BioFeedback Consultation – 30 min $80
  • Energy Management Coaching - 60 min $120
  • Holistic Wellness Coach - 60 min $120
  • Life Coach – 60 min $135
  • Meditation Lesson – 40 min $75
  • Nutrition Coach, available April to Dec – 60 min $135
  • Private Fitness or Yoga Trainer – 60 min $90
  • Relationship Coach – 60 min $135
  • Shamanic Coach – 60 min $135
  • Spiritual Guidance - 60 min $135
  • Telephone coaching packages:
    • single session $135
    • series of three $360
    • series of six $600

Wellness Coaching & Personal Trainer – Barb Shaw

Coaching helps you get from where you are now to where you want to be in the future. Barb Shaw will help you leap over, kick down and laugh your way through obstacles to help you achieve the most amazing results imaginable. With experience in both life and wellness coaching, she will help you asses your situation, set fantastic goals and enjoy the journey from your present reality to your awesome future. Get ready to dream big and shake off the frustration of an ordinary life.



Soul Coaching – Madeleine Marentette

For over twenty-five years Madeleine has dedicated herself to the study of the human-soul-connection. With today’s unique lifestyle challenges she feels this awareness is relevant to meeting the present day needs of the individual more than ever. Her journey into this inner world began when she immersed herself into the practice of Raja Yoga; 'the Kingly Science of the Soul', scribed over two-thousand years ago and teaching us how to thread our form-centred personality – with the light of our soul; understanding why it exists, what are its properties, attributes and purpose as it specifically relates to the seeker. This coaching is designed for the individual who is looking for clarity, sensing that it is time to open up their heart and mind and view their life from a spiritual perspective. This coaching is intended to illuminate the path as one moves forward through their uniquely experienced life now and into the future. (Note - Soul Coaching with Madeleine unavailable until further notice)

Energy Management Coaching – Laura Milcawich

Connecting with your natural abilities can be a struggle to find balance with your lifestyle.  Many people are very sensitive to energies and are unsure of how to protect yourself, ground the energy, or turn it on and off.  This can be very uncomfortable for people with gifts and can often lead to the person shutting them down completely instead of honing them to assist with living their Purpose.  Through this session your natural abilities will be revealed and you will be given tools to learn how to be at peace with what makes you special.



Nutrition & Holistic Health Consultation – Evita Ochel

Author of the book "Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition" she is a consciousness expansion teacher in the areas of natural health, optimal nutrition and sustainable living, as well as personal evolution, metaphysics and spirituality.... not to mention the picture of health! Evita holds an Honors Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Psychology, a Bachelor of Education degree specializing in Science, and is certified as a Holistic Nutritionist.  She lives by being the change she wishes to see and helps others rise to their highest potential.  Look forward to meeting Evita on your next visit to Grail Springs. She will be teaching at the retreat centre each Tuesday and offering advise and support to visiting guests.

Relationship Coaching – David Price Francis

David Price Francis, author of Partners in Passion, is a teacher, consultant and transformational coach in the dynamics of personal development and inter-personal relationships. He has dedicated over 35 years of his life to gathering wide-ranging esoteric and spiritual understandings into a framework of profound and readily understandable ideas with real-world applications. He has received high praise for his down-to-earth approach and ability to present practical techniques that people can immediately begin applying to balance, heal, transform and enhance their lives and possibilities through the worlds of universal, planetary and human energy.

Shammanic Coaching and Drum Journeys – Melissa Gordon

For the past three years, Melissa has brought her skills to Grail Springs, running workshops, providing consultations and leading inspirational vision board sessions. She has walked a path of shamanic spirituality for many years and weaves the magic of nature & ceremony into her work. Melissa Gordon graduated with an MFA degree from the University of Waterloo in 1999. She embraced her spiritual path as student of shamanism in 2000. Melissa has spent many years expanding her knowledge of creativity, healing, shamanic techniques and honing her connection to spirit and the natural world.

What is a Drum Journey? A hand drum has been used for shamanic journeying for thousands of years. The drum creates a rhythm that invites participants to travel to the nagual world of spirits. This world holds the rich store of our unconscious knowing. Here, participants seek animal spirit guides to illuminate journeys of self-discovery and healing. Book this very special soul stirring personal drum journey with Melissa Gordon.

What is Shamanic Coaching? The essence of shamanic coaching is to foster spiritual development through shamanic practices. Shamanic practices seek to align all humans with the natural world. A central practice within shamanism is to understand nature in it's many forms as primary teachers for humans. Shamanism seeks engagement with the spirit of all life, and offers connection to spirit through knowledge, ceremony and healing.


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