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Committed to guiding individuals who are transitioning through life

  • Energy Management Coaching - 60 min $125, series of three $300

  • Life Coaching - 60 min $125, series of three $300

  • Chakra Coaching - 30 min $80, 60 min $125 - includes a complimentary chakra photo

  • Soul Coaching - 60 min $225 - available starting April 2020

Meet Our Coaches

Energy Management Coaching – Laura Milcawich

Connecting with your natural abilities can be a struggle to balance with your lifestyle.  Many people are very sensitive to energies and are unsure of how to protect themselves, ground their energy, or turn energies on or off at will. This can be very uncomfortable for people with gifts that can often lead to the person shutting these energies down completely instead of tuning their skills to assist with living their Purpose.  Through this session your natural abilities will be revealed and you will be given tools to learn how to be at peace with what makes you special.


Life Coaching - Wendy Fouts

You are unique. No one but you is so well equipped to create the Life Journey you desire. You are infinitely resourceful, which allows you an endless capacity for joyful possibilities. Trusting in your Self's Voice is key to supplying your vision and bringing it into focus. Through the Intentional Wellness Life Coaching Process, you will become more in tune with your values and clarify obstacles to personal growth. Action steps that tap into your Inner Wisdom provide the foundation which, when embraced, lead to profound personal shifts and keeps you moving elegantly toward your life's purposes. 


Chakra Coaching - Mychaila Sutherland

Imbalances in the energetic body can lead to overthinking, build up of emotion, feeling overwhelmed or even drained. With an in depth look at your chakras, you can gain insight into your unique natural electromagnetic frequency. Which will help you focus your energy to best receive the benefits of your attention. Using this coaching session as a follow up tool from the Bio Energy Reading or adding on to enhance your understanding of the 7 main chakras in our energetic system can greatly benefit you for self alignment with awareness in the future. Providing better understanding of a Chakra and how it correlates to areas of our physical bodies as well as areas of our life. Also creating a plan or a program where you can fit Chakra Balancing into your everyday life using tools that you may be already using, but shifting our attention to focusing our energy to a specific area to create balance will in turn provide calm and peace. With inspiration and motivation to implement and continue different aspects of self care at home. Choose between a 30 minute or 60 minute session.


Soul Coaching – Madeleine Marentette - available starting April 2020

For over twenty-five years Madeleine has dedicated herself to the study of the human-soul-connection. With today’s unique lifestyle challenges she feels this awareness is relevant to meeting the present day needs of the individual more than ever. Her journey into this inner world began when she immersed herself into the practice of Raja Yoga; 'the Kingly Science of the Soul', scribed over two-thousand years ago and teaching us how to thread our form-centred personality – with the light of our soul; understanding why it exists, what are its properties, attributes and purpose as it specifically relates to the seeker. This coaching is designed for the individual who is looking for clarity, sensing that it is time to open up their heart and mind and view their life from a spiritual perspective. This coaching is intended to illuminate the path as one moves forward through their uniquely experienced life now and into the future.





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