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Juice Cleanse Option

Add our juice cleanse plan during a stay

Pre-book: $25 extra per person, per day. 48 hours notice required.  Juice Cleanse begins with 8am smoothie, 12 oz juices to follow every 2 hours, ending at 6pm with a warm homemade soup broth. Canceling Juice Cleanse requires 2-days notice.

Guests may order extra smoothies or juices for $14 per portion.

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Just the juice...

Bookend your juicing experience with a check in and check out juice regime for the price of one day of juicing. This will start you with a 4pm check in juice and finish with a 12pm check out juice. Ask for a traveller if you want one more for the road!

Why choose to add-on a juice cleanse?

A two to five-day juice cleanse is an excellent choice to fast track detox or weight loss goals, to break the cycle of cravings for saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, processed foods, excess caffeine and alcohol. It gives your body, particularly your colon, a much needed vacation from solid foods while nourishing your body with delicious and very satisfying superfood smoothies, nutrient-rich fruit and vegetable juices and hot vegetable broths at night. By giving your colon a break, it has a chance to discharge built-up plaque and toxins. The benefits are multiple and well documented.


Benefits of the Juice Cleanse Program:

  • Rid your body of disease threatening toxins
  • Heal chronic inflammation and ailments without drugs
  • Gives cells an opportunity to cleanse, heal and rejuvenate
  • Find levels of energy you only dream of
  • Enjoy weight loss without dieting and lower high blood pressure
  • Clean and replenish your colon
  • Bring clarity to mind and spirit

What are the results of juicing for a few days?

A few days of juicing can deliver noticeable results on so many levels. Commonly, women experience one extra pound of weight loss per day while men often lose two pounds per day. Chronic body pain caused by inflammation can subside, symptoms due to toxic build up like skin ailments, water retention, bad breath and body odour, all start to diminish. Eyes and skin look brighter and most importantly there is a noticeable increase in energy levels. Organ function improves, especially those related to digestion and elimination. Choosing colon-hydrotherapy to follow at the end of a juice cleanse can also enhance and deliver optimum results. Guests experience numerous benefits on many levels; both physical healing and mental clarity.

What can I do to prepare myself before I arrive?

Drink lots of lemon water every day. Start eating lighter, eat more greens and brown rice. Eliminate your intake of red meat, white sugar, white rice and white flour altogether at least 3 to 5 days before your arrival. Even after years of a damaging lifestyle, you can break the cycle and achieve greater vitality and improved overall well-being very quickly. You will be amazed at the results which show themselves almost immediately. See more of our top tips to follow prior to your arrival.


Those who should not juice cleanse:

Pregnant women, nursing moms, most elderly, hypo-glycemic, diabetics, underweight individuals and those with advanced heart disease.

Sample of a daily juice cleanse menu, every two hours starting at 8am:

  • Morning Smoothie: Natural, Vanilla Chai or Chocolate Banana
  • Quirky Carrot
  • Purple Crown
  • Tomato Talk
  • Green Machine
  • Hot Veggie Broth

Boost your detox or weight loss goals and add a series of colonics:

  • 60 minues $145, series of three $405
  • state-of-the-art technology and certified therapists


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