Hollywood Insider's Oxygen Skin Care Treatment

J Lo's and Madonna's Favorite Facial!"It's the Hollywood insiders secret to healthy and glowing complextion."

Byron Williams, Hollywood Makeup Artist

"There's nothing like it. Really helps you look and feel your best".
Victoria Beckham

"I use Intraceuticals oxygen skin treatment to hydrate my skin and give me that fresh, well slept glowing look before any performance."
Katy Perry

What is the Oxygen Skin Treatment?

Ever wondered how Jennifer Lopez keeps such beautiful, glowing skin? Intracueticals. And it is now available at Grail Springs!

This treatment process was recently featured for the fourth time on 'The Doctor's' show, Access Hollywood and Extra, and considered the best non-invasive anti-aging skin treatments in the industry today. Coming to us from Australia, the system delivers immediate results by sending a rich infusion of active serums, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, green tea extract and vitamins to the skin through the medium of oxygen. The process allows a super-cocktail of hydration and nutrients that is noticable after just one treatment. Fine lines disappear and the skin looks radiant. It's why celebrities and stylists from all over the world are using it. We are very excited to offer this state-of-the-art anti-aging technology to guests of Grail Springs.

Anti-Aging Oxygen Treatment

A favorite of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities such a Jennifer Lopez and Madonna, potent serums containing vitamins and antioxidants dramatically lift, tone and hydrate the skin. Results are not only instant but continue to improve in the following days. Excellent for aging, tired, dry skin and a powerful boost to achieving a youthful appearance of fresh, hydrated skin.
50 minutes $145
Special - Six Treatments for $970 and includes $400 take home products!


Anti-Aging Oxygen Treatment with Booster

An add-on to the Oxygen Treatment, the Atoxelene Treatment is made up of natural amino acids which instantly firms, lifts and plumps your skin for more dramatic results. Ideal for fine lines, wrinkles, expression lines, premature aging.
50 minutes $165

“For a smooth soulful performance everytime...I dig Intraceuticals!" ~Robin Thicke

The treatments are a necessity before every major event”. ~Eva Longoria

“I just completed my initial Clarity Treatment package, travelling over 600km round trip for each treatment and am happy to report dramatic improvements. The unique treatment support product line is a simple regime to maintain the great results. Definitely worth all the travel!” ~Donna G., Canada

"The Intraceutals infusion is the most effective way to achieve beautiful skin and flawless results!" ~Gina Brooke, Hollywood Skin Specialist

"To Intraceuticals there are things that I have found to help me and then there is Intraceuticals... changed me!" ~Channing Tatum

"You have made me “GLOW” and I am so grateful that you asked me to try this product! Thanks so much for turning me on to Intraceuticals. I am happy there is a real product out there that really can “turn back time” or at least slow down the progress and appearance of “time marching across my face”. ~ Alex, USA

"O2 - B in Heaven." ~Mette Blocsh, World Rowing Champion

"I just finished an Intraceutical Oxygen Facial on Valerie Bertinelli.  What a sweet woman she is, so positive and enthusiastic – a real "glass-is-half-full" kind of person. I have my share of celebrity clients, and Valerie’s treatment is fairly typical. These on-camera stars need fast results, no down time and a predictable improvement. The oxygen facial is one of the quick turn-around procedures they love.  The results are most profound on skin that has been neglected." ~Dr. Ordon, 'The Doctor's' tv show

"I am a 40 year old woman who just received my first treatment and I look like I did in high school. I feel like a renewed youth has enlightened my beauty even more." ~ Janel A., Hawai

"My skin is glowing thanks to Intraceuticals. Thank you for existing." ~Severina, Singer

"It is not just a necessity, but a joy for my skin." ~Crina Matei, Actress