special features

Facilities & Meditation Installations for Wellbeing of Body, Mind, Spirit

Unique to Grail Springs, visitors can experience special features designed to optimize wellness goals, improve sleep and relaxation, detoxify, lose weight, repair cells and deliver an overall sense of reconnection and wellbeing within oneself.

  • Dry/Wet Sauna
  • 98°F degree thermal tub
  • 104°F degree thermal tub
  • Cold plunge tub
  • Nordik shower bucket (seasonal)
  • Yoga deck
  • Indoor Infrared Saunas

Make daily use of any of the saunas or outdoor hot and cold therapy immersion tubs to open pores and restore the body's ability to breathe and eliminate toxins. Exposure to heat will also stimulate production of white blood cells and strengthen the immune system. Tip: Take the 5 second cold plunge and charge up your bio-energy!

  • Spring-fed alkaline waters
  • Swimming, evening campfires on request
  • Canoes, SUP boards

Not only is our lake calming and breathtaking against the backdrop of the retreat, the water is used directly in our therapies, baths, steams and cooking. The cleanest water in the world, you can safely drink right from your tap. The water happens to be alkaline, spring-fed and highly active energetically. Grail Springs prides itself on being located on such a rare gift of healing waters, hence its namesake. So fill your cup and drink, drink, drink from Chalice Lake.

When some private time is needed for meditation or reflection you can sit with the prayer trees, medicine wheel or walk the sacred labyrinth. Each of these installations offer a healing or teaching to those seeking same. Sit within their sacred centres where some people experience a state of timelessness, peacefulness and resolve. Most find this type of surrender particularly relaxing and sometimes even revelatory.

  • Trail of Dreams
  • Geomancy Project
  • Peace Cairns
  • Volcanic Ash Healing Bed
  • Crystal Mound Meditation Area

Amongst the Stones... Grail Springs may be the first wellness retreat in the world to implement a Geomancy Project.  This entails specific placement of transducers, special minerals and selected stones by a trained Geomancer, to bring equilibrium to all who walk upon her land and within her walls. Look for large standing stones while you are here, known as peace cairns, an ancient tradition symbolizing an active movement towards peace by lying down of stones (primitive weapons) and turning them into building blocks towards a better future. At some point during your visit, lie down in the volcanic bed and let your body benefit by the electro-magnetic frequency or venture to our hidden Crystal Mound meditation area.

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